Ever since I moved to Minneapolis a couple of years ago to work for Game Informer, my sisters and I have started a bit of a tradition. Every time I come home to visit, we wind up in a bet based around a round of bowling. This originally resulted in tame consequences like getting hit with pies or eating spoonfuls of cinnamon, but eventually graduated into more undesirable acts like vomiting a gallon of milk or drinking a smoothie from hell. The girls eventually wised up and realized that I keep beating them at bowling, so they switched up the bet this time and focused it around go-karting. They beat me, so it was my turn this holiday break to do something stupid.

I was forced to run a quarter mile after my sisters were allowed to attach any stupid stuff they could find to my person. Considering I'm not in great shape while wearing appropriate workout clothing, the addition of milk cartons, shoe boxes, snowball slingshots, and much more assorted crap (including an incident that almost cost me my vision) definitely didn't help. You can watch the stupid result of our bet below.