***WARNING: This blog is literally nothing but major spoilers for Breaking Bad. Do not read this if you haven't finished all three seasons***

Over the last two-and-a-half years, Breaking Bad fans have been treated to three nearly flawless seasons of television. Despite being a show filled with despicable characters, we've somehow become obsessed with the ongoing story of Walter White's cancer and meteoric rise through the ranks of the Southwest's drug scene. While every episode does a fantastic job of pushing the story forward and getting us closer acquainted with the characters, here are the top ten specific scenes that make Breaking Bad the best show on television.

Note: these are written under the assumption that the reader has seen all three seasons, so not every plot point will be explained

10. "It will however dissolve metal, rock, glass, ceramic...so there's that."

If the mismatching of chemistry teacher Walter White and dropout Jesse Pinkman wasn't immediately apparent, this scene spelled it out early in the first season. While trying to dispose of a body, Jesse ignores Walt's suggestion of dissolving the corpse in a plastic tub in favor of his ceramic bathtub. It turns out that acid does a pretty good job of eating through ceramic. To Walt and Jesse's horror, the remains of the body eat through the ceiling in a shower of wood, ceramic, bone and blood.

9. Chatting with Crazy 8

With his cousin literally burning a hole through the bathtub upstairs, Crazy 8 is locked to a pole in the basement at the neck. This early on in the show, Walt doesn't have the heart to kill a human being, no matter how unsavory they may be. However, he knows that Crazy 8 would be a huge risk to his life and freedom if released. Desperately searching for a reason to let him go, Walt makes him a sandwich and spends some time getting to know his captive. Just when Walt seems to feel confident in releasing him, Crazy 8's motives are made clear thanks to a hidden shard of broken plate. When Walt strangles him to death with the bike lock, it's the true "point of no return" for the series. Walt wouldn't do much time for a couple of drug charges, but from this point on he has a murder on his hands.

8. "Hola D.E.A."

Danny Trejo didn't spend much time on the series, but he certainly had a memorable exit. When the Mexican cartel finds out he's supplying information to the feds, they waste no time in decapitating "El Tortuga" and strapping his head to a tortoise. Oh, and they also put a bomb in his decapitated head. When the D.E.A. finds the gruesome sight at the scene of a supposed drug deal, the explosion kills several agents and marks a turning point for Hank's psychological state.

7. Hank closes in

After the turtle attack, Hank becomes even more obsessive in his hunt for "Heisenberg." When the rest of his department doesn't seem as focused on the case as he does, Hank takes it upon himself to follow some promising leads. After tracking down every registered RV in the county, he narrows it down to one final possibility. In typically foolhardy Jesse fashion, he arranges a meeting with Walt in the RV without realizing that Hank is tailing him. With only some steel separating the unlikely duo from the law, it seemed inevitable that the gig was up. However, they're saved by a surprisingly-knowledgeable lot owner that realizes Hank doesn't have a search warrant.

6. Jesse's full measure

Every character in Breaking Bad showcases a rollercoaster ride of ups and downs, but Jesse seems to be the most unpredictable. Switching between sober and addicted and from protector to self-proclaimed "bad guy" is par for the course for the character. However, the final scene of season 3 features him at his most conflicted. He feels the need to return the favor for Walt saving his life (see #2), but the look on his face proves he's not quite alright with killing an innocent man. It's this last desperate move that allows Walt to live, however (and allows us the pleasure of a 4th season).