So it's the end of April, and things are a little slower than usual here at the GI offices. We just shipped the newest issue, and one look at the game release calendar proves that we're in a bit of a pre-E3 doldrum. That's probably why Andy gave me the thing you see above and said "You should color that and blog about it."

Obviously, he didn't have to twist my arm too much. Considering my fandom of the Jaffe-produced Twisted Metal games, it didn't take long for me to decide on Sweet Tooth for the design. I have no artistic background whatsoever, so I went at it expecting it to go terribly. Here are some shots of the process.

Inside the cardboard car were these markers and stickers. Considering I'm making Sweet Tooth, the odds of me using that flame sticker are pretty high.

Covered up some text on the backside with a shot of TM2 Sweet Tooth.

With the car itself mostly done, it was time to make an ill-fated attempt to create its driver.

Didn't take long to realize that the markers didn't show up very well on the figure that came included, and it was almost impossible to hold it without smudging everything.

Pretty much done, just needed one more little touch.

May not be a spot-on recreation, but he's earned a spot next to the rest of my action figure lineup. However, if the shot below is any indication, you'll probably have way better luck re-creating Sweet Tooth in ModNation Racers than I did with cardboard and markers.