Last August, Game Informer hired five new associate editors. They threw three of us (Tim Turi, Phil Kollar, and myself) in the same room, so we've grown very familiar with each others' gaming interests. One thing that Phil and I have learned over and over and over again is that Tim really likes Sonic and Mega Man. The latter obsession may not quite reach the almost-creepy depths of his hedgehog fetish, but it's nonetheless present. Bring up any Mega Man boss to him and you'll be sure to hear him hum the level's tune for a good two or three minutes, followed by hours of him listening to Sonic & Knuckles music on YouTube.

It should come as no surprise that he was extremely excited for Mega Man 10's release. I sat next to him while he reviewed the game, enduring well over a dozen hours of looping Mega Man music. In the picture above, you might notice that he has three televisions set up around his desk. This is because he was obsessed with finding the perfect TV with absolutely no input lag whatsoever (you may also notice disturbingly well-worn stuffed animals of Sonic and Tails...and just out of the frame is a Werehog action figure).

Take a look below for some of the choice phrases Mr. Turi uttered while playing the Blue Bomber's latest adventure.

Tim: "I gotta go get a new TV"
Dan: "Why?"
Tim: "There's a three millisecond input lag."
Me (trying it): "Yeah but you get used to it right away."
Tim: "Not the way I play, dude."

(Adam walks up with a question about Tim's Sonic the Hedgehog 4 preview. Tim responds with the most Tim Turi statement ever uttered)
Tim: "Get this out of the way before I take on this Robot Master. What's the deal with this Sonic thing?"

"Who would you kill with a baseball?"

"Would you use thunder on electricity or ice?"

"You know what I'm gonna do because I'm smart?  Kill myself."

"Well I gotta...with the Robot Master...if's just...don't talk to me."

"Don't...don't do this to me."

"Did I tell you that Strike Man worked perfectly on Sheep Man? That was exciting."

"Thunder Wool does not work on Chill Man. I am fighting Chill Man right now."

"You can get a lot of hits on this guy. But he will **** you."

"****!  I just...I'm losing my mind."

"Ah...that ****...ah...oh Jesus Christ. Really? **** you."

Dan: "This is Pump Man?"
Tim: "Yes. I pegged him as the doofus of the bunch."

"They just can't let a good head lie. They have to throw in a pump."

"Oh no...he's going to soak up my weapon. I can't shoot him in the sun."

Annette: "Oh ok, so the trucks only come when you step on those things."
(Tim does not step on said things. However, he nonetheless proceeds to get hit by three consecutive buses)
Tim: "Thanks, Annette. I just got hit by a bus because of you."

"Oh no, Mega Man has Robo-enza! He just sneezed an adorable little robot sneeze!"

"Dr. Wily should really invest in an upper lip."

(Tim approaches a boss door with very low energy)
Me: "Just use an energy tank."
Tim: "But that makes me feel bad."

"Now I’m gonna go get that thing and probably still get hit by that other thing"

“**** this soccer ball! You have a shield! Use it!”

"Why is Proto Man such a *****?"

“This level is making me its *****.”

"Double damage Robot Master Strike Man...starring me."

"The chain continues...strike works on sheep. Because baseballs work on sheep."

"There's no weird soccer balls in this level. Because it's sheep."

"What do you want? I know you're just gonna goop on me again."

"Just watch this. Watch this. Watch him get ****ed. Pump Man works on Solar Man. BOOSH!"
(yes, Tim said "Boosh!")