I mentioned in my print review of Borderlands that I'd be offering a rare achievement and some nice weapons to our readers, so here's the info. Send me an Xbox Live friend request at ExileOnMassSt with "GI Borderlands" in the message, and I'll begin sending game invites to readers starting at 10pm CST on Sunday, November 22nd (I cleared room for about 24 people, so if you don't get added that means it's filled up). I'll be online until midnight at least, and I'll keep rotating participants every 30 minutes. Immediately upon joining the game, you'll receive the "...And They'll Tell Two Friends" achievement for playing with someone that has played with an employee of Gearbox. In addition, I'll be giving out plenty of free loot and weapons. This will be on a fairly high level playthrough, so bring your best character if you're interested. See you in Pandora!