I don't have a problem with old people playing video games. It seemed like an impossible occurrence a few years ago, but since its release the Wii has popped up in nursing homes across the country. That's all well and good, but disaster strikes whenever the elderly attempt playing a game with controls more complex than "hey, swing this thing grandpa."

Need evidence?



- Isn't it awesome that most modern games can be played with "just one or two buttons"? I know Modern Warfare 2 is gonna be sweet now that they found a way to whittle the controls down to the left stick and X.

- You really need to figure out the boxes if you want to be good at games.

- Spongebob does look totally fun.

- It's as easy as hooking up a CD player to your TV?  I'm willing to wager that no one over the age of 60 has ever hooked up a CD player to a television. Come to think of it, I don't know why ANYONE would need (or want) to do that, but I'm sure it would be someone's grandkid doing the setup if a nursing home wanted to.