I played through the entire Green Day: Rock Band career last night alongside Sean, Ben, and my buddy Ross to get the "Won't Make It for Dinner" achievement (reach the credits within 12 hours as part of a 4-player band) and had a great time. But I couldn't believe how much these guys have consistently and blatantly stolen from other songs throughout their career. Don't believe me? Take a listen for yourself.

There are plenty of instances throughout the track list in Green Day: Rock Band that sound a little too familiar, but you just can't put your finger on it. The following examples  do not fall into that category. These five comparisons showcase undeniable, brazen theft. How has Green Day not been busted after all this time?

[Note: I tried whenever possible to link to official band videos. In Green Day's case, they have blocked embedding so you may have to follow the link to watch the video on YouTube.]

I have GI's Matt Helgeson to thank for this first example comparing Green Day's "Warning" to "Picture Book" by the Kinks

Green Day, "Warning"

The Kinks, "Picture Book"

Crime: Grand Theft Guitar Riff

I actually remember "Brain Stew's" lifting of the riff from one of Chicago's hits back when it came out. The plagiarism memories all came rushing back last night.

Green Day, "Brain Stew"

Chicago, "25 or 6 to 4"

Crime: Grand Theft Guitar Riff, Second Count

I had never heard this particular Green Day track before playing it yesterday, but I liked it better when it was called "Main Offender."

Green Day, "Horseshoes and Handgrenades"

The Hives, "Main Offender"

Crime: Complete Song Hijack

"Jesus of Suburbia" is nearly ten minutes long and for the most part it sounds pretty original, that is, until you get to "Summer of '69."

Green Day, "Jesus of Suburbia" (go to the 2:20 mark)

Bryan Adams, "Summer of '69" (go to the 0:30 mark)

Crime: Vocal kidnapping

Obviously, Green Day have sold millions of records and 99 percent of their songs are huge hits with completely original melodies. I was just flabbergasted at the above examples. Have you heard other Green Day songs that sound a little too close to something else while playing their Rock Band game? Post your findings in the comments section.