I'm still inundated with many great games that recently released, but once the holidays roll around I can't help but think about what's in store for gamers next year. With that in mind, here are 15 things I would love to see happen in 2012.

More Skyrim

I'm so immersed in Bethesda's spawning role-playing game that I'm avoiding the main story campaign because I don't want the experience to end. Eventually, Bethesda will announce a substantial expansion pack, which should give me the comfort to charge toward my destiny as Dovahkiin. Until then, it's guild quests and side quests for me. 

BioShock Infinite

Among all this talk about social connectivity and online gaming being the future, no scheduled 2012 release has me more excited than a straight up single-player experience. I'm talking about Irrational Games' spiritual sequel to BioShock, one of my favorite games of this generation. I'm curious to see how creator Ken Levine leverages the vitriolic political climate of the floating city Columbia to inform the narrative, and I can't wait to jump on a Skyrail for some rollercoaster gun fights. 

An Epic Finale For Mass Effect 3

Mass Effect 2 was one of my favorite games this generation, but I'm a little worried about how BioWare plans to wrap up the fight with the third installment of the trilogy. Pulling off a strong conclusion is crucial to the long-term legacy of this franchise, and I hope the corner cutting that was so apparent in Dragon Age 2 doesn't foretell a downfall for this series.

The Last Guardian

Where the hell is this game? I guess Fumito Ueda has one of those Kazunori Yamauchi development deals where Sony doesn't pressure him to meet deadlines and the game is "done when it's done." Team Ico announced the game at E3 in 2009, but since then it's basically gone dark. Here's hoping it returns to the spotlight soon.

New Battlefield 3 Maps

I'm anxiously looking forward to stepping back into my favorite Battlefield 2 maps with the Back to Karkand expansion pack in December, but I also expect DICE to deliver some new maps sometime early in the new year. If you want to convince your community that you consider the game a service, you can't make them wait six months between map packs. 

A Decent Football Game

I couldn't have been more disappointed with Madden NFL 12, a game that promised many long overdue fan-requested features that ultimately fell flat due to poor execution. Is it too much to expect a football game on par with the leading sports franchises like FIFA, NBA 2K, and EA's NHL series? It's time for Madden to stop sucking for Luck and start living up to the quality of the sports league it represents.

A New Direction For Call of Duty

Call of Duty has dominated the shooter market this generation, but it's formula is starting to wear thin. I hope the next installment introduces some new elements to the gameplay that reinvigorate the franchise. I also wouldn't mind more variety in the style of maps they offer in multiplayer. Maybe it's time to re-introduce vehicles to the mix for a few maps like United Offensive had?