One of my favorite things to do when a Battlefield game launches is find videos on YouTube of people pulling off insane feats that can only happen thanks to the game's massive scale, cool gadgets, and vehicular combat. The creative ways gamers discover to rack up kills never ceases to amaze me. Here are the best ones I've stumbled across.

Ninja Parachute

This stealthy paratrooper drops in on an unsuspecting squad and cleans house with his pistol. The 101st Airborne would be proud.

Long Distance Death

I'm a terrible sniper, but this guy has some major skills. Watch him drop an enemy from 961 meters with one well-placed shot to the skull. Tracking the bullet trajectory reveals the magnitude of this unbelievable kill.

Air Superiority

This is the type of moment only Battlefield provides. Watch this jet pilot abandon his burned up bird and parachute down to a mid-air chopper like some sort of spec ops superhero.

Top Gun

This video makes the case for letting fighter pilots keep rocket launchers in their cockpits. When your jet gets shot to pieces in a dogfight, what better way to exact revenge than by shooting your rival out of the sky with a well placed RPG while you're parachuting? Bonus points for the use of the Top Gun soundtrack.

Death From Above

Battlefield deaths come in many varieties, but this is not the way I'd want to go. It's one thing to get a bomb dropped on your head from 10,000 feet. It's much more embarrassing when the plane pilot says, "screw this $55 million piece of advanced military hardware, I'm going to slam it right into that idiot shooting an abandoned jeep."

Jihad Jets

The Jihad Jeep technique – the act of loading a jeep with C4, jumping out while the vehicle is still in motion, and detonating it around enemies – is the stuff of Battlefield legend. This guy takes the concept to an exponential degree by strapping the C4 onto his fighter jet, flying it straight toward a target, and jumping out just in time to detonate the charge.

MAV Massacre

The Micro Air Vehicle was built primarily for aerial reconnaissance, but this creative lad decided to troll the opposing team and rack up an impressive amount of kills by slamming it into unsuspecting soldiers in prone position. I wonder, does the game have a dogtag for death by MAV?

The DIY Spirit

C4 is basically the duct tape of destruction – you can use it in almost any circumstance in Battlefield. This squad chose to load up an MAV with explosives and guide it toward a helicopter. As Tenacious D would say, "that's F-ing teamwork!"