The Game Informer tip line is one of our favorite features of the revamped website. While the legit news tips help us report on rumors or stories we may have missed, we also receive a healthy dose of nonsensical ramblings. This is just a slice of what greets us in our inbox every morning. I want you to feel the full effect of the messages, so I’ve kept all the egregious misspellings, typos, and CAPS ATTACKS in place. To protect the identities of these wayward posters, we’ve made the tips anonymous.

Public Service Announcements
Some people just like to share, no matter the context. Like Brick Tamland openly declaring his love of lamps in Anchorman or our own Ben Reeves (fish, anyone?), these tippers aren’t afraid to yell their thoughts into a crowded room, even when they’re the only ones who know what they are talking about.

Tipster #1: PLAYING THE XBOX IS FUN TO ME.........
Tipster #2: the japaness game makers makes the most sexest games
Tipter #3: i aM dA Be$T aNd ALL sHaLL PeRiiSh unDER mAh hAnD...
Tipster #4: just thought i would submit this picture of me holding a playstation 3 remote.. not sure if this is the right place for it.. if not, please re-direct it. thanks
Tipster #6: It is now 2010 which means Halo Reach will come out soon
Tipster #7: hello my gamertag is FM3 xXWAR94Xx
Tipster #8: cortney love is PISTED OFFFFFFF !!!!!!!!
Tipster #9: live off of videogames

Cries of Help From The Ether
Reality can be a cruel mistress. Ask these forlorn souls, who clearly are losing their relationship with waking life, however tangential it may have been in the first place.

Tipster #11: It's about SONIC SEGA ALL-STARS RACING and the fact they are not having NiGHTS as one of the main playable characters.This news has indeed shocked the NiGHTS fans from all over the globe,causeing a NiGHTS phenomenon,especially in a little NiGHTS community called NiGHTS Into
Tipster #12: 370z please
Tipster #13: i want the game army of two right now :(

Two-Second Reviews
Our consumerists aren’t afraid to give honest feedback about the games they purchase. Instead of writing a user review, blogging, or posting a forum thread, these cats decided the tip line was the way to go. One tipster was so pissed at Halo Wars he offered his opinion twice!

Tipster #15: moddern warfer was short and sucked but it took up 7 hours
Tipster # 16: I wanted to talk about Halo Wars it stinks because I heard you only get to call the commands and you don't to kill any thing. Thats why it stinks.
Tipster #16: Halo Wars stinks Badly.Because you only call out the commands and you don't fight at all. Well, thats what i heard. Don't get it.It's just a waste of money.
Tipster #17: i konw that some of you know about this new game called borderlands here is something you might not know in the game there is just 3 guns. And if one is taking from you you can never get it back. So how do you get over like 566 guns I tell you why all of the guns in the game have diffrent power and accuracy. I know so cool of how they did that!!! So I think borderlands is cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Tipster #18: just in i know i may be late but don't get terminator salvation if u like hardcore games because if u play a game all night don't get the game because u will beat it in one night or one day.
Tipster #19: Please rent Halo 3 ODST before you rent it I wasted sixty $ on it and I dont want other people wasting money
Tipster #21: if you really like smackdown vs raw then dont get on d.s unless you have the the stick. the game is reall y dificult on d.s
Tipster #22: COD!COD!COD!I think mw2 is great so is waw.I think waw need another zombie map and the next cod should be Vietnam.Y you say.Because call of duty games so far have been ww2 or modern warfare.They need to change the game.Sher modern warfare 3 needs to come out but they should do a Vietnam.
Tipster #23: Have you played kingdom hearts re:chain of memories? It has a card system which makes it slow down the battle.

Game Tips
Our link says “Submit a News Tip,” but that didn’t stop these kids from going all GameFAQS on us and sharing the minutiae of their gameplay experiences.

Tipster #24: In Mario Bowser's inside story,when you get the drill bro`s icon,go where the area reacts when Bowser drinks water.At the entrance,use the drill bros icon  go underground  go to the right until you make it to the other side.
Tipster #25: On "Dead Space" alwys shoot the limbs and also always go through doors even if you are scared for there are more than likely schematics for suits and ammo for your guns.
Tipster #26: if your ps3 isn,t working on HDM1 then justin hold on the power button till eayou hear the second beep while its on
Tipster #27: On Guitar Hero 3. The cheats DO NOT WORk unless you are using the guitar. So next time it doesn't work and you are using the controller MAKE SURE YOU ARE USING THE GUITAR!
Tipster #28: In Mario  Luigi Super Star Saga, shrink Mario with the hammer then use Luigi's High Jump but when he is up in the air, jump up with Mario. You will hit Luigi in the nuts but it's a great way to get coins. Just remember to have some mushrooms with you to heal Luigi.
Tipster #29: on halo 3 on high ground go on fordge and get up a tree and right there is a secret spot to snipe someone
Tipster #30: You can dual wield handguns in Modern Warfare 2
Tipster #31: on halo 3 there is a talking grunt

Questionable Understanding of the “Tip” Concept
Maybe it’s not their fault. Maybe we have a site error on obscure browsers like Opera or IE8 that replace the term “Submit a News Tip” with “Submit a Question.” That would explain these guys.

Tipster #32: i was wondering cause i dont have a ps3 about heavy rain umm is is at all a game worth playing
Tipster #33: will there ever be a new mortal kombat game
Tipster #34: do u think halo reach is going to be good
Tipster #35: I was just wondering, why is there not any RTS games on the Wii? This console seems to be able to work with a RTS, seeing how some of the RTS' graphics arent the greatest and neither is the Wii.
Tipster #36: would like to know when the wii is coming out with better games.war games.
Tipster #37: it would be nice if you would make a new game a sniper game. to were u go and do missions

Captain Obvious
This just in, Halo: Reach may not be the last Halo game! We all know certain announcements are inevitable, but that didn’t stop these soothsayers from looking into their crystal balls and stating the obvious.

Tipster #38: plyastation4 is coming but i don't know when.
Tipster #39: I heard there ia a transformer 3 movie coming soon.