As you are probably aware, Game Informer recently released its list of the Top 200 Games of All Time. I’m sure you thought of a game or two that should have made the list and didn’t. If it makes you feel any better, we had the same problem. Two hundred is a lot of games, but it turns out there are even more great games out there. Here are a few of the games that I fought for, but as was clearly stated in the magazine, “we dismissed Ben’s ideas outright.” (Thank goodness Bryan back me up on the whole Smash Bros. Melee thing.) So here are the games that might have made the list if anyone cared about my opinion.

1.    Resident Evil (GameCube remake)

More than seven years old at this point and the game still looks amazing. The GameCube remake of the definitive survival horror game made the series scary again. Yeah, you still have to deal with tank controls. Sorry.

2.    Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver 2

I’d put this whole series on the list if I could. The Legacy of Kain series helped show me that video game storytelling could be just as engrossing as a book or a movie. Plus, I really loved Kain’s voice. My friends and I used to quote this game all the time while doing impersonations of the characters. Dorks!

3.    Double Dragon II

Yeah, we got Double Dragon on our list, but the sequel was so much better. I loved the addition of the Hurricane kick. My buddy and I would play this game until our thumbs bled (that literally happened once.) Plus, the game’s advertising reminded me of Back to the Future. (Even though they look nothing alike.)

4.    Earthworm Jim

Earthworm Jim was everything my adolescent self wanted in a game. It was a great platformer filled with silly characters and environments, and it was hilarious.

5.    SSX 3

SSX was like Tony Hawk with snow, back when Tony Hawk was good. I remember playing SSX 3 and thinking that games didn’t need to get any better looking. Of course, I’m glad they have. Every time I go snowboarding I think about how awesome this game was, and how I’d like another (On Tour and Blur didn’t quite cut it). Now that EA has mastered skateboarding maybe we’ll see a return to the slopes.

6.    Jade Empire

Bioware just can’t miss with me. Sure, Jade didn’t make the splash that Mass Effect and Star Wars: KOTOR have, but this Action/RPG steeped in Chinese mysticism was one of my most memorable experiences of 2005.

7.    Dragon Force

The second best Saturn game of all time, this is another title not many people have played. Basically you took control of one of several generals and led your army into battle. It sounds tried to death today, but in 1996 watching 200 dudes collide into each other was a jaw dropping event.

8.    Cosmic Osmo and the Worlds Beyond the Mackerel

Here’s an obscure one for you history buffs. I was going to put Myst on my list, because we snubbed that game, but then I remembered all the hours I spend in my high school computer class playing Cosmic Osmo instead of doing real work. This was the game Cyan made before Myst. It wasn’t as refined, and it’s hard to look at now, but it was a super-engrossing adventure title in its day.

9.    Xenogears

What’s better than Xenosaga? The PSone prequel (but really a sequel that was released first. Huh, Namco?). Forget the hour-long cutscenes of people eating lunch, the squeaky voices, and the rambling philosophical diatribes, Xenogears focused on what mattered: a great battle system and giant robots.

10.    Mirror’s Edge

Okay, top 200? Maybe not, but I needed something to round out this top 10. Mirror’s Edge was also one of my favorite titles last year. Not enough of you played it, and I want a sequel.