The series is making a comeback! It's been gone for a few months, but now makes its triumphant return in one of the biggest posts yet! Enjoy the obnoxious conversations of my peers in the latest edition of Overheard.

“If 12-year-old Dan could look into the future and see 26-year-old Dan about to call Ed Boon his head would explode.” [Dan]

Phil: "Wait, did I just hear something about 12-year-old Dan?"
Reiner: "Yeah."
Phil: "Isn’t that just Dan?"

You should know: Dan put together a photo feature featuring LeBron James photoshopped onto different game characters. He worked on the Mega Man image and the following occurred. (Dan should also be banned from use of all Adobe products.)
Tim: “And you could make him shoot out little footballs.”
Dan: “Footballs?”
Tim: “Isn’t he a football player? I don’t know who the f*** LeBron James is.”

"Head for everyone." [Miller gives away Lemonhead candy]

"That's actually a big risk for me because if Reiner dies then I have to play." [Phil on taunting Reiner while playing Metroid: Other M.]

Annette: "I’m tired."
Phil: "Why are you so tired?"
Annette: "I haven’t been sleeping well."
Phil: "Is it the same reason that I can’t sleep? Drugs?"
Annette: "Yes. I have got to stop doing coke in alleyways."
Disclaimer: Game Informer does not advocate the use of drugs. The choices made by these editors do not reflect the choices made by staff of the publication as a whole. Or does it?'

Joe to Ben, on Ben’s obsession with pink shirts: “It’s not even a question of being a hater, it’s a question of not being an idiot.”

“Kung Fu Rider sounds like a porno.” [Reiner]

“The dreaded meatball wars went on for eight years.” [Jeff M]

Miller: "Between Reiner’s feet. Right in the hole."
Um, what?
[Miller plays golf with Star Trek putter.]

“Do you want to mount Samus?” [Reiner refers to a Metroid painting]

JeffC: "My legs make you feel better about your legs?! We should have leg off!"
Tim: "But I don’t have a saw..."

Reiner: "Can you get that back to production?"
Adam: "Absolutely. Also, I found a volcano."

“Patrick Duffy you smug son of a b****.” [Bryan]

“Adam, your pasta smells like death.” [Ben]

Andy: I really want to beat the s*** out of someone, can you do something wrong?
Dan: [thinking]…Did you read Air Force Gator?

Referring to the Zombie Pub Crawl:
Meagan: "Zombies are about the only thing that can get me out of the house."
JeffM: "That’s the exact opposite of how that’s supposed to work…"

“Why is this lollipop thing on my desk…OOOOOH I WANT CANDY!” [JeffM then gets up and runs]

“Charlie Sheen is like the world series of hookers.” [Helgeson]

Reiner: "Yeah, you’ve had more orgies than I have."
Bryan: "Yeah, I got an std from one of those."
[Fable III discussion]

You should know: Dan played Babysitting Mama.
"And people say I'm not good at games. I just fed the s*** out of that baby."

“This one time we ruined the Vikings’ season by killing this dinosaur.” [Helgeson]

“I’m hoping we both throw up.” [Dan and JeffC plot ideas for the next Grudgematch]

"I'm hoping you would turn around, open your eyes real wide, and both your irises turn out to be Italian flags." [JeffC to JeffM after watching Assassin's Creed video. Also, JeffM is Italian]

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