It's been far too long since I've posted one of these, but doesn't mean I haven't still been eavesdropping on conversations around the Game Informer lair. For the two of you that requested I bring this feature back, this one's for you. Enjoy the obnoxious conversations of my peers in the latest edition of Overheard.

You should know: A bunch of us stood around watching Helgeson play Mario Galaxy 2 and discussed how much Waluigi sucks.
Helgeson: Who could possibly like Waluigi? He's so lame.
Tim: Oh, Dan likes all the Wa-guys.
Joe: It doesn't surprise me that Dan likes Waluigi. If I had to liken Dan to one Mario character, it would be Waluigi.

"No, I called Bowser a fat f-ing dragon. I did call Mario the c-word, but we’ve made up since then." [Helgeson on his Mario Galaxy review]

You should know: Bryan has been biking to work and complains about comfort issues.
Adam to Bryan: Does your seat suck or is your a** just tender?
Kato: [Laughing] Are you a candy a**?

"I’m out of here. I’ll see you in prison, Dan…" [Andy]

“Deepthroating the Leaning Tower of Pisa – could I get anymore Italian?!” [Jeff M.]
You should know: Nick’s laptop puts foreground pictures in when you use the web camera. One was the skyline of Italy. Jeff M. defiled it. Threw this bit in after the quote because, well, it's just better read out of context.

"Poop farts are the future!" [Nick]

"Mega Man Zero is my b****!!! Wait…maybe…I think the whole room might explode.” [Tim]

“The first thing you can conceivably rack your balls on is a satellite dish.”
[Dan playing Ow, My Balls! on iPhone]

You should know: Annette fact-checked the spelling of the game in the last quote.
Annette: Hey, Dan, what's the name of that game where you have to smash your balls against stuff?
Dan: Ow, comma, My Balls, exclamation point. Don't get it wrong. People will be pissed.

"Yeah I'm gonna go sign that online petition!!!! Wait. I have to create an account?! Pfffft. F- this." [Tim Turi, Man of Conviction]

"Hey, Tim, would you mind coming into the kitchen to slap Dan in the face?" [Nick]

"If anyone said they understood the LOST finale, they can no longer review games." [Reiner]

Bertz: I don’t know what kind of outfit we’re running here, but Sonic shouldn’t be in the top slot of our website.
Tim: Well, do you think there is another story that would make a better fit in the top slot?
Bertz: All of them.

You should know: It was moving day at Game Informer to make way for construction.
Jeff M:  Do we have tape or anything? I need to close this box up.
Dan: I’m just doing the foldy-thing on the bottom.
Jeff M: You’re not worried about everything falling out the bottom?
Dan: Nah, not really. Then again, I have a long history of my belongings falling out of the bottoms of boxes while moving, so take that for what it’s worth.

Construction continues...
"The hole being cut in the floor for the spiral staircase. Don’t jump down there. It’s not a hobbit hole!" [Andy provides wise advice to his staff. Now we all just use the hole between floors to transfer things to the other floor, Portal style.]

You should know: We discussed candidates for someone to guard the vault.
Bertz: Reiner’s mom will do it.
Reiner: Do what?
Bertz: Guard the vault.
Reiner: My mom?

Jeff M: We should make a mascot for the site named Tim Termite. He’d be a little termite dressed as Tim.
Phil: In a Sonic shirt?
Jeff M: YES.

“I feel like the website and me are like that kid and E.T. When the website hurts, I hurt.” [Tim]

"Oh f-, I’m going to shoot you with my fairy lasers." [Dan reviews DeathSmiles]

You should know: Dan contemplates what might be in the odd hole in his still-wrapped Hot Pocket.
Jeff M: The microwave will probably kill a Death Maggot.
Dan: Well, I don’t want to eat a dead Death Maggot, either. I don’t want to eat any Death Maggot.
Jeff M: …good point.

"Ugh, man Harry Potter as told through LEGOs is confusing!" [Bryan plays LEGO Harry Potter]

"I was just talking about kissing you to Joe." [Jeff C. to Bryan]

You should know: The guys are huddled and giggling around Miller's TV.
Annette: What are you doing?
Bryan: We’re making babies over here. [Baby Maker Extreme]

"Are we really eating slinkys in the hallway?" [Meagan]

Note: Put the top ring of a Slinky between your teeth, hold it there, then drop the rest of the Slinky to the ground. Do it. It's awesome.

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