Check out the latest blog in the Overheard series. Listen closely around the halls of the GI office and you'll hear the staff say some unusual, and oftentimes hilarious things, which we have posted here for your amusement. Enjoy!

You should know: Annette explains her shoulder injury.
“I want to know what the inside of a shoulder looks like. Is it like MadWorld?” [Jeff C.]

You should know: Tim works on creating a character in 3D Dot Game Heroes. These are three separate conversations. (Check out his 3D Dot Link video.)
Dan: So I could run around this whole game as a weiner with a sword?
Tim: Joe already did that.
Dan: ***!
Tim: The only thing that happens when people pick up the character editor is weiners. Also, *******.
Nick: I wish you could make your own sword.
Tim: You have access to a lot of swords.
Nick: Yeah, but I want to make a weiner sword.
Tim: Want to see a preview of the Link I made?
Joe: I’d rather see a preview of a weiner character.
Tim pretends to unzip his pants.
Joe: No! That’s not a preview! That’s the real deal!
Tim: You’re *** right it’s the real deal.
Dan: You call your ***** The Real Deal?

Annette: “Meagan might’ve heard someone say something about a transvestite donkey back here.”
Dan: “Transvestite donkey witch.”

Tim to Dan: "You should hide action figures in your beard."

“Have you ever killed a unicorn?” [Reiner]

"I’m about to put a girl in this shark’s mouth."
[Dan works on his bizarre Photoshop creation.]

“I have a GO Phone. That’s what drug dealers use.” [Tim]

Meagan to Annette: “Did you just send me an e-mail called 'vagina'?”

"Hey six-year-old girl why don’t you f****** like Assassins Creed 2?"
[Helgeson during an issue meeting.]

"Did we ever do anything about video game Asians?"
[Ben during an issue meeting. He meant to say "agents."]

Jeff C. in reference to Dan's beard: "Dan looks like a Civil War lighthouse keeper.”

Andy in reference to Dan's beard: “If I didn’t know you and I saw that thing on your face, I would just assume you’re a sexual predator. It looks like two hair-butts on the bottom, and it makes your chin look like some kind of…face-anus.”

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