Check out the latest blog in the Overheard series. Listen closely around the halls of the GI office and you'll hear the staff say some unusual, and oftentimes hilarious things, which we have posted here for your amusement. Also note, Andy likes to make fun of Dan. A lot.

"Wait, Tails has a moustache?"

[Tim plays a Sonic racing multiplayer match online.]

You should know: Tim spent an entire day creating the perfect set up for his playthrough of Mega Man 10.

Joe: “Haven’t you been playing Mega Man all day?”
Tim: “I haven’t played a Single Man, let alone a Mega one.”

“He got his blaster masters”

[Tim referencing Miller’s post grad degrees.]

Annette: "My contacts have been expired for weeks and I'm still wearing them."
Phil: Gives high-five.
Dan: "Laser eyes."
Annette and Phil: ...
Dan: "Laser eyes. It's awesome."
Phil: "Can you kill people with it?"
Dan: "Yup. And see better!"
Phil: "I want laser eyes!"
Annette: Quietly exits the room.

“Charlie Sheen’s like walking herpes.” [Andy]

“I spent a little while searching for a good picture for the sex party, but they were all a little racy for our website."

[Reiner talks about a God of War III post.]

“Japanese people yelling is the coolest thing in the world.”

[Tim watches as Dan plays Yakuza.]

“There’s no dong in Heavy Rain.” [Joe]

“I’m realizing that having a giant thing of Vaseline right next to all my Sonic toys probably isn’t the best impression to give when I show people my desk.” [Tim]

Dan: "Want to sit in on an episode of Replay today?"
Tim: "We just went over this. I can’t today."
Dan: "Oh yeah…we just talked about that. I’m like the guy from Memento."
Tim: "You’re Guy Pearce?"
Dan: "No one has ever told me I look like Guy Pearce."
Tim: "Guy Pearce looks like a little girl."

“Metal Gear Solid 4 was a Benny Hill episode combined with Laugh-In. And PCP.” [Tim]

You should know: Tim rants about a minor issue in Sonic Ultimate Collection DS.
Dan: "I’m sure it plays exactly like Sonic always has, and Tim is just complaining because he has every pixel placement in those games memorized."
Tim: "It’s in my trunk if you want to see it."
Jeff M: "Is that where you hide all your shameful games?"
Jeff C: "Considering that he’s a Sonic fan, I was assuming it would be filled with a bunch of little boy’s underpants."

You should know: Andy makes fun of Dan at least once a day and Dan loves it. Here are some recent comments.
"So, you bought a dog because you wanted it to hit you in the nuts?"

"I wonder how many times during a given week Dan's dad regrets having him."

You should know: Dan likes to pull elaborate pranks. A lot.
"If you come within 150 yards of this building on April 1st, you are fired."

“There’s plenty of things that Dan does wrong.”

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