Check out the latest blog in the Overheard series. Listen closely around the halls of the GI office and you'll hear the staff say some unusual, and oftentimes hilarious things, which we have posted here for your amusement. It's also apparent that Tim and Dan have spent a lot of time together this week.

Dan: “She doesn’t like movies with grisly violence…”
Tim: “So you’ve been avoiding movies with bears?”

"Oh my god! There’s a badger in my car attacking me!"

[Meagan plays an indie game.]

“Just because Scrooge McDuck may be a likeable character, it doesn’t mean his corporation can’t be evil.”

[Andy Mac]

Ben: “Is that green sperm?”
Meagan: “Yes. Green Sperm: The Game.”
Ben: “Are you impregnating trees?”
Meagan: “No. I’m bringing them back to life.”
Ben: “What is that? It looks like a seal in a robot suit.”

[Meagan plays an interesting indie game, and no it's not about green sperm.]

Tim: The first batch of March issues have arrived.
Dan: Martian shoes?!

"It sucks going back and reading your old reviews. I mean why did I make so many Full House jokes?"


“Well, when he teleported I just oiled myself up and farted him out. Woah, he just shot a tornado out of his pelvis!”

[Dan explains what's going on in a game.]

Meagan: I forgot I put a tea packet there…
Annette: You put a tea packet where?
Meagan: Giggity.

“I’m livin’ in Fisto city, guys!”

[Joe during an episode of Replay.]

"Oh well, who cares?! Let's just kill ourselves."

[Tim after receiving a lukewarm reception to Photoshop joke he made.]

“Regret balls are the worst kind of balls.”


“Did you know that Knuckles’ favorite food is grapes?”

[Do I even have to say who's responsible for this quote?]

You should know: Adam picks up an unfamiliar power-up in a kart racing game.
Adam: “I’ve got some sort of green *** situation going on here.”
Dan: “Didn’t they just announce that the Green *** Situation was playing Bonnaroo?”

"I have to pretend to be Wonder Woman tonight."


“Don’t push either of these things or it will catch on fire or something.”

[Dan explains to Tim how to work the video camera.]

“The Samba de Amigo monkey is an a******.”

[Tim has unresolved issues with the Samba de Amigo monkey.]

"Argh, I'm steppin' on abba-zabbas!"

[Dan as he traverses a pile of shattered peanut butter taffy on the ground like John McClane in Die Hard.]

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