Check out the latest blog in the Overheard series. Listen closely around the halls of the GI office and you'll hear the staff say some unusual, and oftentimes hilarious things, which we have posted here for your amusement. What's worse about these? Most of them happened in one day. This is what occurs around deadline.

Robopedophilia is the worst kind of pedophilia.”

[Dan during a strange discussion about Mega Man’s sister, Roll.]

“I feel like a little fairy boy.”

[Tim looks for apartments online.]

You should know: After the Viking’s loss, Bertz talks about being obsessed with sports to the point of losing sleep over it.
“It’s like being a Catholic in an abusive relationship. You know you need to get out, but it’s against your religion.”

“I kind of like the weiner action.”

[Reiner talks about Rogue Trip from Twisted Metal.]

“I love crystal meth.”

[Dan. I don’t know.]

“You should have stopped at tranny saliva.”

[Jeff M.]

“If that’s real: Erection city.”

[Reiner sees a rumored mock up of the iPad online before it was revealed.]

“I can be a giant space d*ck.”

[Phil on Mass Effect.]

“Nobody carries tampons around on the battlefield except mercenaries. And I’m not a mercenary, I’m in the army.”


“One of the best running backs in NFL history…Ol’ ‘Tears N’ Fec*s’ Jackson.”


“I’ve been giving her the main line from the back room.”

[Tim could've just said he's been sending me quotes from the back of the office. Said this instead.]

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