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"Haha, I just stole a pie from myself."

[Miller playing The Misadventures of P.B. Winterbottom.]

Reiner: “What if Mega Man took off his suit and it turned out he was a woman?”
Tim: “I’d have an erection.”

[Tim is a hardcore Mega Man fan. The madness continues when Reiner and Tim discuss news of the weird headlines...]

Reiner: "Man Plays Mega Man Sax At Wedding."
Tim: "Did that really happen?"
Reiner: No.
Tim: "Can he play at my wedding?"

You should know: Dan sucks at games. Plays MAG beta under Nick's profile...
Reiner: "I don’t think Nick’s going to like that you’re getting all these crappy stats under his profile."
[Dan denies crappy stats.]
Reiner: "Fine, let’s see your stats."
Dan: "Let me just finish this match."

[Match rolls into next match into next match into next match. Conclusion: His stats suck.]

“Oh man, I’m fighting a motorcycle?!”

[Joe plays an RPG.]

“This oatmeal is the best thing that’s happened to my mouth in weeks.”

[Annette finally enjoys a warm breakfast during the GI Weight Loss Competition.]

"*** you, Fetus!"

[Meagan is not a baby hater. Yelled at a villain named Dr. Fetus in a video game.]

You should know: Helgeson is going to be a father! Jeff C. who has a few kids of his own suggests Helgeson play music for the developing baby.
Jeff C: "You could put headphones on her belly playing Sonic music."
Helgeson: "I don’t want to abuse the child."

"Oh my god. There’s a Web site that turns you into a unicorn!"

[Meagan finds an interesting Web site.]

Annette: “I need to finish my review. Just a few more sentences!”
Meagan: “This is a game with multiple games. If you like games with multiple games, this game is for you. The end.”
Annette: “Brilliant.”

“Sometimes you just gotta get your angry chew on.”

[Tim after Reiner makes fun of the intense look on Tim's face while eating an apple.]

"...and its got Andy Whitfield in it. He's hot!"

[Miller talks about the new Spartacus show.]

Phil: “I’m just really happy we could make Dr. T***waffle happy.”
Reiner: "Hmmmm. Tell me more Dr. T***waffle.”

[Phil and Reiner read an interesting Twitter post.]

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