Every once in a while someone breaks out an old school t-shirt here at the office that cracks me up. Today, Miller is sporting the amazing fashions of Phantom - a home console that was doomed to fail from the onset. Soon after its debut in 2004 everyone in the world thought it was dead in the water, until they showed up at E3 and gave out these t-shirts. Because you know, nothing says your business plan is solid and going exactly as planned as these t-shirts. 

I included an image of the system and a link to a YouTube video for those that want to learn more. Perhaps someday Miller will have a sweet Ouya shirt too.

The image at the top is of the front of the shirt. Here is the back! Gorgeous I know.

The system itself actually had clean lines, and its lapboard idea that enabled you use a mouse and keyboard from the couch was kind of ingenious. 

YouTube Link: DDsgGOXmtQQ