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Do You Believe In The Phantom? Miller Does!

Every once in a while someone breaks out an old school t-shirt here at the office that cracks me up. Today, Miller is sporting the amazing fashions of Phantom - a home console that was doomed to fail from the onset. Soon after its debut in 2004 everyone in the world thought it was dead in the water, until they showed up at E3 and gave out these t-shirts. Because you know, nothing says your business plan is solid and going exactly as planned as these t-shirts. 

I included an image of the system and a link to a YouTube video for those that want to learn more. Perhaps someday Miller will have a sweet Ouya shirt too.

The image at the top is of the front of the shirt. Here is the back! Gorgeous I know.

The system itself actually had clean lines, and its lapboard idea that enabled you use a mouse and keyboard from the couch was kind of ingenious. 

YouTube Link: DDsgGOXmtQQ


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  • If I wore that shirt around town there'd be a total of -3 people who understood it. I don't even know how that would even work. Numbers simply confound me.
  • Oh man, I love the Phantom. Back in 2004, the very first thing I did at E3 that year was mosey on over to the Infinium Labs booth. They were running UT 2004 on what I was certain was nothing more than a PC running an overlay. They sit me down with the lapboard (which is still the only worthwhile thing to come out of that debacle) and the PR guy gets asked a question by another member of the media. While his attention is turned away, half the textures in the game disappear. Almost everything is transparent, including the ground. PR guy doesn't notice for about 15 seconds, but everyone around starts giggling and once PR guy noticed, I was quickly removed from the controls. Best E3 ever.
  • Staff
    It's confusing to people that know. I'm still trying to figure out the logo. A helmet? Was there a meeting and someone went, "Yeah, helmets. Gamers love helmets!"
  • I had never heard of The Phantom console until I read this blog, HAHA!
  • "Do you believe in the Ouya?" will be hilarious 10 years from now.
  • Hmmmm it will be back for revenge

  • Oh wow I only vaguely remember this...Kudos Miller!

  • I have no memory of this Phantom you speak of.

  • i dont remember this at all.

  • I barely remember the Phantom. I washed it out of my mind at this point..
  • When I saw the pic on the shirt in this article, I thought it was supposed to be Phantom Ganon from Windwaker.

  • Gotta admit, that is one cool shirt.

  • Mod

    I thought the T-Shirt was of the Phantoms from The Legend of Zelda Spirit Tracks when I first looked.

    This tech kinda looks neat...kinda.  Pretty ambitious for the time, but in many ways it mirrors what Onlive is trying(emphasis on trying) to accomplish, and I strongly feel that MS will have a subscription for their next console as well.

    The lap deck thing was pretty sweet though.

  • Lol I actually stuck mine on the bay the other day, do you know it glows in the dark?

    Brings back the E3 memories though. Was a very cool looking system and the keyboard/mouse board was great for playing Unreal which like KeeperX says was piped through a PC hidden behind the console. Happy days:)

  • It sounds very current-gen with Microsoft's subscription service and the online store. Unfortunately, I don't think there was any real games for it.

  • This is news to me. I've never heard of this.

  • The shirt reminded me of Dark Souls for some reason.
  • At least the name was fitting.