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A Journey Into The Weird

Today is a weird day for me. In my 20 plus years of working at Game Informer I have never really been disconnected from the office like I will be over the next month.

Long story short, my brother needs a Kidney and I am Spare Parts Brother 01 so I'm off to help him out. My journey has been a weird one, though.

I never really pictured myself the donating type, but that all changed during a week of compatibility tests when I learned a couple of amazing facts. First, a cadaver kidney offers an average 7 years to its new host (remember to check those donor boxes on those Driver Licenses), a living donor offers 17 years, and a related living donor gives a whopping 25 years. That's a big difference, but I'm sure anyone out there on dialysis and on a waiting list for an organ would tell you they would gladly get that seven years in a heartbeat. Being able to give my brother or anyone in my family 25 years "bonus time" is a pretty amazing thing, so I was instantly inspired to sign up without a doubt in my head. Second, I learned that given the right body anatomy, doctors can remove a donor's kidney through the belly button. That's right, not only is that weird, but down right awesome. Obviously, I'm hoping I have the right stuff to do this mini-version of the Alien chestburster scene. Otherwise, it's an incision, and in case you didn't already know, I'm a big nerd who is afraid of blood, doctors, and surgery - which of course is going to make the next month all the more weird.

So to anyone who tries to track me down in the coming weeks, my apologies in advance, but I know GI's awesome staff will get everything done right. Plus, you just know I'm going to be working feverishly from bed once I get past that post-surgery haze (at least I hope so). Plus, who knew donating a kidney would be such a great opportunity to hit that back log with a vengeance?

Well anyway, things like this in life give people a chance to get a little perspective, which is why my last words on this post will be a big thank you to the awesome staff at Game Informer that I get to work with, all the salespeople out there that get our magazine in front of millions of gamers, and of course, the amazing readers and community here on this website that make all the hard work worthwhile.

Wish me good luck, and I will see you guys on the other side!



PS: I cannot be held responsible for anything weird I say on my twitter account for the next 30 days.

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  • Mod

    Wow, that's awesome of you to donate a kidney to your brother like that! Good luck on the surgery, hopefully everything goes smoothly. :)

  • Good luck, Andy! To your brother too.

  • I hope everything goes well with your brother. What games do you have packed for your recovery period?

  • Andy, I wish you all the best of luck in your surgery, whether they pull your kidney through your bellybutton or your nose. You run a respectable publication that I highly enjoy, and you are only adding more dignity to it by helping your sibling.

    Be well and back soon!

  • Good luck! You are a good man for doing this, I know so many people who wouldn't do this even for a family member. And if you find yourself afraid just remember this from Game of Thrones:

    Bran-"Can a man still be brave when he is afraid"

    Ned-"That's the only time a man can be brave"

  • Mod

    Sounds like you're an awesome brother! I would do the same for my brother as well. Not sure about the other way around though lol. :P

    Good luck! Hopefully, the office doesn't smell too bad when you get back.

  • Good luck, Andy. It's really cool that you can do this for your brother.

  • Good luck to you guys... thoughts and prayers coming your way.  

    p.s., I heard a rumor of Juba plotting an overthrow of Reiner... but I'm a Jubaholic, so that may be me own perception

  • That is all really awesome of you to do that for your brother I wish you the best of luck Andy!! Hope to see you back and healthy soon!

  • Good luck to both you and your brother Andy!

  • Good luck! Just make sure they leave you one ;)

  • Yup nothing says I love you like the gift of a kidney or possibly bail money.
  • How bizarre.  GhostPig realized today he needs  a kidney to secure a pre-order of Skyrim.

    Best of luck to you.  Go easy on the nurses.

  • I laughed at the Alien reference, and I have to bring to attention the fact that an editor-in-chief of a video game mag spelled 'weird' wrong, but good luck to you both!

  • Good luck Andy! Hope everything goes swimmingly! And I hope you say some really weird stuff on Twitter in the next month :)

  • Good luck Andy. I will patiently await your glorious return to the website.

  • Good luck Andy. I will patiently await your glorious return to this site. Also, I hope you didn't put Dan in charge.
  • You may have discovered the only way to play all of the fall/Holiday releases in a timely fashion. Derail life THEN play games, not the other way around. Smart man. ;)

    Seriously, though, good luck to both of you! Enjoy the time with your family and your back log. Hoping for your speedy recovery as I look forward to Tour de GI part deux in the spring.


  • Thanks for sharing this incredibly touching story, Andy - I wish you and your brother the absolute best. My brother is in much the same position. My dad donated his kidney - it's an incredible thing to do.

  • Good luck!  Hope it all works out with you brother and thanks for doing all that you do!

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