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The Joy of Top 200

Top whatever lists are certainly fun to make, and perhaps even more entertaining to watch how everyone reacts to them. From the hate mail to the adoration mail, everyone comes to the table with a very stout opinion.

Which always cracks me up, because even here in the office when we finalized the list on the very last day, in a last second meeting that was called due to too many arguments still raging here in the office over the list, no one was truly “happy.”

Everyone had a game that they were pissed didn’t make the list. Or that some game did make the list and most certainly didn’t deserve it.

Such is the nature of lists. Gamers can never be accused of not being passionate about their hobby.

So please keep the hate/love mail coming, because all the feedback means that the list did at least one thing right, it got people thinking about games and what makes them special, and how they hold a special place in our hearts.

But I digress.

I too had gripes with the list. I wanted Qix on there (among many others, but I'll save that for a later post). I absolutely adore that game. I still feel it is brilliant to this day. In fact, our new Game Informer’s icon was chosen specifically because it reminds me of Qix.

Here is a gif test of the icon in action, that at some point we will actually finish and use in our movies. At some point I want to contact the creators and get permissions to use their sound effects as well, just cause I think it would class it up.


Another note: We know Super Metroid is better than Metroid as far as pure gameplay goes, just like Link To The Past vs the original Zelda, but it’s the cultural and impact the original games that put them at the top of the list - same holds true for Doom, GTA III, and many others on the list. There are a lot of factors that go into a list like this, and sometimes you just have to give a game the nod for changing the landscape of gaming forever as these games did.

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  • Great story i have yet to see your top 200 games cause i have yet to receive it

  • Awesome story, but like I said in Reiner's post, good luck with issue 300, that's another 100 games to have heated debates about.  Haha

  • I'm itching for this issue to be in my hands already

  • Man, Maui Mallard in COld Shadow wasn't on there. THIS LIST SUCKS!

  • I still haven't got my issue, but I disagree with ranking a game higher because of its impact or influence. The list is the top 200 greatest games, not the most influential. But, that's just me.

  • Staff

    Where's Myst!?!?!

  • myst blows. get outta here with that garbage.

  • Staff


    *shakes fist*

  • i want my magazine!

  • I completely understand your rationale behind the list, and I certainly had fun thinking of the 101 games you guys failed to mention. Basically, you guys are awesome, thanks for the good work.

  • You know, I've never played Qix, but all the other games on the top 200 are certainly favorites.  Kudos on the new GI logo by the way.

  • If you want to talk about cultural impact, I think games like ICO and Okami should be higher, showing that artistic direction can help give games a stronger emotional impact.

  • I understood the rationale for most of the list, but how in the hell did you guys think that Modern Warfare and Uncharted 2 rated higher than something like Beyond Good and Evil or Okami? They're Michael Bay-esque popcorn games and will hardly be remembered except as multiplayer time wasters in later years.

  • Still waiting. At this rate, I'll be getting Duke Nukem Forever before I get the 200th issue.

    I love video game related jokes.

  • Nice thoughts. Am bursting with anticipation for my issue to get here!

  • You guys are rediculously dedicated to your job/hobby.  I respect your resolve and your ability to work through all the arguments and such.

    The list was completely awesome.  I'm not gonna tell you what games belong where (mostly because that would take too much effort, and it's late), blah blah blah, but I loved the list!  Congrats on 200, Andy!  Keep 'em coming!

  • Forget about all the bickering about the top games list and just celebrate the awesome gaming history,that for many of us, has been significant part of our lives. Plus, it's very likely that there was at least one game that was specially close to your heart that was recognized.

  • Cool story. When Is my magazine coming!? I wanna read the top 200 and see which of my favorites are on the list.

  • Once I got over oot not being atleast in the top ten, I felt better. Most of my gripes about the list are games I believe were to low on the list, and to high, not so much what got on and what didn't. After I cooled down, one , more legitimate gripe,remained. You guys think we didn't like TwilightPrincess because it was too much like ocarina of time?!? How about the butchered story, crappy sidemissions, and poorly used apps like wolf smell ability? As I remember it , oot didn't have any of those problems.  

  • I liked the list.  Especially the part about 'dissing Ben's ideas outright'.  lol  My friends and I all treat our Ben like that (mostly b/c he wins at everything) so it was really funny to read the opening line.  A+++ on the list and the effort.  Obviously, I think a lot of games did or didn't make it that I thought should or shouldn't, but we can't all agree.  But I do wonder.  Since when does "2 games from the 70's, 30 games from the 80's, 88 games from the 90's and 81 games from the 2000's" equal up to 200 games???  hehehe

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