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  • Blog Post: Respec Radio Ep. 28: Guild Wars 2, Pandas, And Leaving The Old Republic

    It's been a slow year for MMOs so far, but things are about to heat up. On this episode of Respec Radio, we share our experiences with the Guild Wars 2 and World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria betas. As always, I'm joined by Andy McNamara and Adam Biessener. In addition to lots of gushing about... More
  • Blog Post: Respec Radio Ep. 27: The Old Republic So Far

    We're back from break, and would you believe we wasted most of our holiday time off playing the freshly-launched Star Wars: The Old Republic? Of course we did. Adam Biessener, Andy McNamara, and Andrew Reiner join me on this episode of Respec Radio to discuss the first few week's of BioWare's... More
  • Blog Post: Special Edition Podcast: Star Wars: The Old Republic

    The Game Informer Podcast comes early this week, with a special edition focused on BioWare's epic MMO Star Wars: The Old Republic. This game is off to a blockbuster start, but does it have the legs to contend with Blizzard's World of Warcraft? We assembled a group of GI editors that run the gamut... More
  • Blog Post: Respec Radio Ep. 26: Star Wars: The Old Republic Beta Report

    Not even two weeks since our last episode, and Respec Radio is back! This time, Matt Miller and Adam Biessener join me to discuss the beta for Star Wars: The Old Republic. In this hour-long talk, we dive into the first 20 levels of our Empire-side characters, including how close to World of Warcraft... More
  • Blog Post: Respec Radio Ep. 24: The MMOs Of E3 2011

    After a Respec-worthy length of time without a new episode, Adam Biessener and I return on this week's Respec Radio to run down the MMOs of E3. From the more traditional Star Wars: The Old Republic to strange MMO genre combos like the MMORTS of End of Nations, we discuss all the major massive titles... More
  • Blog Post: Respec Radio Ep. 9: The MMOs of E3

    So...hey! It's, uh...it's been a while, huh? After a month or two of crazy E3 nonsense and other annoying delays, Andy McNamara, Adam Biessener, and I finally managed to sit down and record an extra-long episode of Respec Radio, Game Informer's World of Warcraft and MMO podcast. Though we've... More
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