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  • Blog Post: Final Fantasy XV: Your Lingering Questions Answered

    We replace the regular Game Informer Show this week with the last big Final Fantasy XV info blow-out. After spending a week at Square Enix for our May cover story on Final Fantasy XV , we asked the community about what they want to know about the lore, gameplay, and the development studio. While Joe... More
  • Blog Post: GI Show – Dark Souls III, Quantum Break, Clueless Gamer's Aaron Bleyaert

    This week on our little podcast, host Ben Hanson is joined by Andrew Reiner, Dan Tack, and Ben Reeves as we cover the biggest games around. We start out talking about Dark Souls III, which (believe it or not) Dan Tack liked a lot. After that, we get twisted and talk with Reeves about what he enjoyed... More
  • Blog Post: GI Show – Final Fantasy XV, Adr1ft, GI Game Club Finale

    We're sorry that the podcast is late, but we wanted to record the show later than usual so that we can cover a couple of the week's biggest nuggets of gaming news. This week Ben Hanson is joined by the great Andy McNamara, Jeff Cork, and Joe Juba for a fun show. We cover the gigantic event held... More
  • Blog Post: GI Show - Mario & Luigi, Darkest Dungeon, The Flame In The Flood Interview

    Welcome back to another episode of The Game Informer Show! The year is marching on and some great games are already being released. On this week's show, Ben Hanson and Tim Turi are joined by Kyle Hilliard and Dan Tack to talk about Darkest Dungeon , Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam , Resident Evil 0... More
  • Blog Post: GI Show – Our Top 5 Most-Anticipated Games Of 2016

    The year comes to a close at midnight tonight, so there's no better opportunity to look forward to what 2016 has in store for game releases. Hosts Ben Hanson and Tim Turi are joined by Andrew Reiner and Kyle Hilliard as we take turns divulging our Top 5 Most-Anticipated Games of 2016. Do your hopes... More
  • Blog Post: GI Show – SteamWorld Heist, Amplitude, GI Interns Goodbye

    The holidays are upon us, and we're eagerly awaiting all the fun video games and video game-related goodies that our loved ones will surely be giving us. By no means does that mean we're waiting to play the games we want to play now, though. Ben Hanson and Tim Turi are joined by Ben Reeves and... More
  • Blog Post: GI Show – PSX's Best Games, Introducing Javy, TGA Recap

    Video game fans live in a veritable vacuum of new releases right now. Last week's release of Just Cause 3 marked the final big triple-A release for the holiday season, and now it's all about catching up until the games of 2016 hit. Ben Hanson and Tim Turi are joined by Brian Shea and GI newcomer... More
  • Blog Post: GI Show – The Best Games We Missed In 2015, Star Wars: The Force Awakens Predictions

    This year was a knockdown-drag out kind of year for video games. Juggernauts like The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt and Fallout 4 are not only tons of fun, they're also packed with so much content it's easier for some other games to become lost in their shadows. This episode of the Game Informer Show... More
  • Blog Post: GI Show – Star Wars: Battlefront, StarCraft II, Firewatch's Sean Vanaman

    Our steady ramp of excitement for Star Wars: The Force Awakens has hit a bit of snag with this week's release of Star Wars: Battlefront. We discuss the game's shortcomings before digging into what makes the third and final StarCraft II game, Legacy of the Void , different from the two previous... More
  • Blog Post: GI Show – Fallout 4, Rise Of The Tomb Raider, Obsidian's Feargus Urquhart

    Gaming's gigantic week of releases has arrived! Starcraft 2: Legacy of the Void , Rise of the Tomb Raider , and a little game with a heart of gold called Fallout 4 are now for sale and The Game Informer Show is here to cover it all. We'll dive deeper into the new Starcraft expansion next week... More
  • Blog Post: GI Show – Black Ops III, Yo-Kai Watch, Making Of Fallout 4

    Another fall week brings another annual gaming juggernaut release. Call of Duty: Black Ops III releases Friday, and it's one of the most jam-packed offerings Treyarch has put together. We dissect the game's insane campaign, fun multiplayer, and addicting Zombies mode (complete with Jeff Goldblum... More
  • Blog Post: GI Show – Halo 5, Overwatch, Geoff Keighley Interview

    This week's biggest release is the latest in Microsoft's Halo series: Halo 5: Guardians . Much of the gaming conversation revolves around 343 Industries' Xbox One-exclusive juggernaut, but we also dive into our impressions of Blizzard's Overwatch beta and the conclusion of Telltale's... More
  • Blog Post: GI Show – AC: Syndicate, Zelda, Most-Anticipated Holiday Games

    The holiday video game release engine is just warming up, and one of its first monster releases for the season is already upon it. Assassin's Creed: Syndicate is out tomorrow, and by all accounts Ubisoft's adventure through industrial revolution-age London is far and away better than Assassin's... More
  • Blog Post: GI Show – Yoshi's Woolly World, Star Wars: Battlefront, Undertale's Toby Fox

    Mario's trusty dino companion has a new adventure available for the Wii U, and we're all pumped about the adorable action of Yoshi's Woolly World . We also have a longer discussion about our thoughts on the Star Wars: Battlefront beta and talk about the first episode of Telltale's Minecraft... More
  • Blog Post: GI Show – Rock Band 4, Transformers, Jackbox Party Pack Interview

    The releases of the week are all over the place, both in terms of quality and the types of games. We've got a podcast episode filled with chat about the return of Harmonix's popular music game series, robots that turn into vehicles, and a new entry in a beloved Star Wars FPS series. We also chat... More
  • Blog Post: GI Show – THPS 5, Lego Dimensions, XCOM 2's Jake Solomon

    This week's show covers a ton of oddball topics, from skateboarding in Tony Hawk 5 to Lego Dimensions ' license crossovers to NBA 2K16 's surprisingly robust career mode. We also have a chat with Firaxis' Jake Solomon about his career, development, and his current project, XCOM 2 . This... More
  • Blog Post: GI Show – Soma, Tokyo Game Show, Kinda Funny's Greg Miller

    This week's Game Informer show covers a broad spectrum, from the memorable horrors of Soma to the forgettable doldrums of Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer . We also recap Tokyo Game Show 2015 's lineup, including Bloodborne DLC and PlayStation VR, as well as discuss the best and worst sports... More
  • Blog Post: GI Show – Destiny: The Taken King, Inside Nintendo With Comedian Mike Drucker

    Bungie updated Destiny last week with its big Update 2.0 overhaul, changing loot systems, quest tracking, and even the voice of your robot companion. All that was to set the stage for this week's The Taken King expansion . This space-faring tyrant is tearing up our solar system with wild remixes... More
  • Blog Post: GI Show – Mario Maker, More MGSV, Zelda Symphony

    Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain isn't the newest game out this week, but it's certainly the one most of the GI crew has been seeing on the insides of their eyelids whenever we finally shut the game off at night. The office is buzzing with weird, funny, and awesome anecdotes stemming from... More
  • Blog Post: GI Show – Dark Souls III, Disney Infinity 3.0, GameStop Expo 2015

    This week is a bit of a curve ball for The Game Informer Show, as we come at you live from the GameStop Expo in Las Vegas, Nevada. The crew chats it up about the games of the show like Disney Infinity 3.0 and Mirror's Edge 2, along with the reveal of our October cover story: Dark Souls III. The GI... More
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