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  • Blog Post: Download The Game Informer Show Podcast Music

    I frequently get requests from GI.com users asking where they can get the introduction, break, and outro music for the GI Show podcast. Click through for free downloads of three tracks of GI Show music. Here are the three tracks (right click and "Save Link As" to download): Opening song: "Cee... More
  • Blog Post: Special Edition Podcast: Todd Howard Skyrim Q&A

    Game Informer's web coverage of our The Elder Scroll V: Skyrim cover story has proven to be popular with Bethesda's legion of devoted RPG fans. Today, we're pleased to present a special edition of the Game Informer Show, in which Bethesda's Todd Howard answers questions we solicited from... More
  • Blog Post: The Game Informer Show Episodes 1-50: The Music

    The Game Informer Show features different music each week, cover a variety of independent artists in a multitude of genres. Many of you asked me for a complete list of all the music and artists featured in the podcast, and I finally got around to it. Here's a complete lists of the bands and artist... More
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