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  • Blog Post: Game Informer Show 47: Black Ops, Ghosts of Sparta

    Black Ops is basically the biggest thing since sliced bread. In fact, sliced bread isn't really that exciting when you think about it. But Black Ops is! Since everyone in the world right now is playing Black Ops, talking about Black Ops, or both, we lead off this week's show with a rambling discussion... More
  • Blog Post: The Game Informer Show Ep. 27: Red Dead Redemption, Alan Wake

    This week features three blockbuster titles. We kick off with Red Dead Redemption, Rockstar's groundbreaking western adventure. Reviewer Matt Bertz, Nick Ahrens, and Jeff Cork are on hand to tell you why this is their favorite open world game in a long time. Following is Remedy's psychological... More
  • Blog Post: The Game Informer Show Episode 24

    Another week, another Game Informer Show, and this one is jam packed with some heated discussion. First off is Splinter Cell: Conviction, with Andy Reiner and Ben Reeves dropping by to give some more insights into the game, which looks like a rebirth of one of Ubisoft's flagship franchises. In the... More
  • Blog Post: The Game Informer Show Episode 19

    Buckle up, because this is a highly controversial episode of the Game Informer Show. Things kick off with one of the best military shooters on the market, EA's Battlefield: Bad Company 2. Andy Reiner, Matt Bertz, and Jeff Marchiafava join host Matt Helgeson to break down the game's explosive... More
  • Blog Post: The Game Informer Show Episode 9

    This week's Game Informer show tackles reader questions and comments regarding our highly controversial Top 200 Games of All Time list. Andy McNamara, Matt Bertz, Phil Kollar, and Matt Helgeson pull back the veil on all the arguments that went into the epic list. In the second segment, Andy Reiner... More
  • Blog Post: The Game Informer Show: Episode 7

    This week, since it's pretty much the only game that anyone in the world is playing right now, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 takes center stage in the Game Informer Show. Instead of our usual multi-game format, we decided to keep the show frosty and focused on what's likely to be the year's... More
  • Blog Post: The Game Informer Show: Episode 2

    This week's podcast leads off with some in depth conversation about one of the most buzzed-about upcoming Xbox 360 titles, Crackdown 2. GI editors Joe Juba and Nick Ahrens, who have both enjoyed some extensive hands-on time with the game, break down the game's intriguing new storyline and innovative... More
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