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  • Blog Post: Respec Radio Ep. 16: Blizzcon Reactions And Patch 4.0 Hate

    If you've listened to previous episodes of Respec Radio, then chances are you've heard my fellow podcasters Andy McNamara and Adam Biessener do some shouting at some point. Well, this week's show is quite possibly our loudest, shoutiest episode yet. We've been checking out patch 4.0 for... More
  • Blog Post: Respec Radio Ep. 12: EverQuest Next And World Of Warcraft Now

    It's an EverQuest newstravaganza! That play on words almost gets me fired on this week's episode of Respec Radio, Game Informer's World of Warcraft and MMO podcast. Still, GI senior associate editor Adam Biessener and editor-in-chief Andy McNamara soldier on past their seething hatred for... More
  • Blog Post: Respec Radio: Star Trek Online Edition

    Respec Radio returns this week to boldly podcast where no one has podcasted before (except for other podcasts that have discussed Star Trek Online). Andy McNamara and Matt Miller join me for an in-depth discussion of the recent Star Trek Online beta, where Matt shares his likes and dislikes, his concerns... More
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