On this episode of the Game Informer Show podcast we talk about this week's awesome releases, Wolfenstein: The New Order and Transistor, along with a pair of Fall releases, Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor and Evolve.

This week Tim Turi (me), fills in on hosting duties for Matt Helgeson. For the first segment I'm joined by Andrew Reiner, Daniel Ryckert, and Matt Bertz to discuss our time playing Wolfenstein: The New Order. We're all digging the latest entry in the legendary FPS series and take time to discuss the unique tongue-in-cheek tone, satisfying gunplay, and surprisingly satisfying stealth.

Up next, Matt Miller an Daniel Tack swing by to talk about Supergiant Games' downloadable adventure Transistor. The developers behind Bastion strike gold again with a striking art style, intriguing narrator, and time-stopping strategic gameplay.

Finally, Jeff Cork, Ben Hanson, and I grill Matt Kato about his time with a couple great-looking games he played at a pre-E3 event last week. Kato had extended hands-on time with Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor and Evolve. Check it out to learn about how it feels to slice and dice orcs in Shadow of Mordor and hunt gigantic, morphing monsters in Evolve.

This episode's awesome 16-bit music comes from Sonicesque IV, an original album of tunes inspired by classic Sonic games composed by Karl Brueggemann. Check out Karl and his brother's great video game music podcast after you finish up this week's GI Show episode.