On this week's Game Informer show, we talk about four great new games.

First up, Matt Helgeson invites Joe Juba to step to the mic to talk about Lego The Hobbit, the latest film adaptation in TT Games' successful Lego franchise. We talk about what makes this one different from other Lego games (and what makes it the same). We also touch on the future of the Lego IP in general.

Next up is The Wolf Among Us: Episode 3 – A Crooked Mile. Kim Wallace has been reviewing each new installment of the dark episodic fairly tale, and episode 3 does a good job of reclaiming some of the momentum that was lost in the previous episode.

In the third segment, Andy Reiner, GI's resident long-suffering Cubs fan, is in the house to talk about another excellent yearly entry in Sony's MLB: The Show series. This year's version provides the same great gameplay you expect, but with some new modes aimed at making a faster-paced brand of baseball.

Finally, Jeff Marchifava is on hand to talk about Monument Valley, an odd and meditative iOS puzzle game inspired by the mind-bending artwork of M.C. Escher.