We discuss Telltale's strange new adventure, the latest (and greatest?) Pokémon game, and the fallout from the Watch Dogs delay.

In the first segment, host Matt Helgeson is joined by Kim Wallace (who reviewed Episode 1 for Game Informer), Jeff Cork, Andy Reiner, and Tim Turi in a discussion of Telltale's latest episodic adventure. This is a much different beast than the hit The Walking Dead, but it's dark tale on fairytales is no less gripping.

Next up is Pokémon X & Y, which Matt can't pronounce right. Veteran trainers Kyle Hilliard, Tim Turi, and Ben Hanson stop by to chat, along with Dan Ryckert, who's playing a Pokemon game for the very first time.

Finally, news editor Mike Futter checks in via phone to talk about the delay of Ubisoft's Watch Dogs and how that might affect the company's financials and the next-gen console launches.