It's a jam-packed episode of the GI Show this week! Come and get it!

We start off the show this week with Tim Turi and Ben Reeves, who talk about two new horror games, Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs and Outlast, which are gripping and flawed in equal measure.

Next up, GI news editor Mike Futter calls in from sunny New Jersey to talk about Sony's surprising home microsconsole, the PS Vita TV. It's an interesting experiment, and only announced for Japan at the moment, but it has a lot of potential - and a lot of challenges ahead of it.

Suddenly, Futter gets cross-checked into the board by resident jocks Kim Wallace and Matt Bertz, who want to talk about macho stuff like EA Sports' NHL 14. Both of them are hardcore hockey fans, and both are frustrated by the series lack of progress in recent years.

Finally, it's time for something completely different. This interview with YouTube video game acapella sensation, GI's Kyle Hilliard asks Smooth McGroove about his video game musical inspirations and astonishing success.

That's a whole 'lotta podcast folks, see you next week.