This week we get into the controversy started by the tweets heard 'round the world by ex-Microsoft Studios' creative director Adam Orth.

It's been a tough week for Microsoft, particularly now-ex Microsoft Studios' Adam Orth, who touched off a firestorm of online controversy after sending out a series of sarcastic tweets that seemed to confirm that the next Xbox will require an "always-on" Internet connection to play games. This was in addition to a seemingly endless set of rumors and leaks regarding the console. In the first segment, host Matt Helgeson, Matt Bertz, Joe Juba, and Adam Biessener sift through the fallout and give our opinions on the concept of an always-on console.

The second segment is much less controversial, but no less interesting. We actually get to talk about a good game - specifically, DrinkBox Studios' excellent brawler/Metroid hybrid Guacamelee. It's one of the year's best, and Bryan Vore, Dan Ryckert, and Ben Hanson will tell you why.