The newly appointed creative director of the live teams for The Secret World, Age of Conan, and Anarchy Online joins GI's Adam Biessener for a chat about the dramatic restructuring of Funcom's development teams, commercial disappointments, and the company's future.

Joel Bylos was one of the principal designers on The Secret World, an MMO from last year that won critical praise but failed to hit sales expectations. Now he's tasked with running the recently reorganized teams that work on all three of the company's live games. Listen in for a refreshingly honest and straightforward interview in which Bylos fully owns up to the flaws in his company's games while laying out a series of ideas and goals he has for keeping his players happy and loyal.

Special thanks to Funcom for supplying the Secret World theme music used as bumper beats in this episode and to Bylos for his time and honesty. Please accept my apologies for my own sound quality; Skype was being intransigent.

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