BioShock Infinite creator Ken Levine headlined last week's podcast, and this week we're coming back with another Infinite-heavy show. It's just that good.

This time around, we do our more traditional review impressions and discussion of the game, which will stand as one of the greatest games of the year, if not this generation. The world that Irrational created in Columbia is amazingly creative and immersive, and the game is grounded in one of the most affecting relationships we've seen in a video game. There's also a ton of finely crafted combat powers and gunplay to go around. All in all, it's a masterpiece, and host Matt Helgeson, Joe Juba (who reviewed the game), Dan Ryckert, and Andy Reiner will tell you why.

In the second segment, we welcome some special guests to the program (via phone). Certain Affinity's senior brand and community manager Mike McCarthy and senior producer Tom Potter call in to talk about the company's upcoming Castle Map Pack for Halo 4. Certain Affinity has deep roots with Bungie, 343, and Halo, and has worked on multiplayer DLC for some of the biggest franchises in gaming, including Halo, Halo Reach, Call of Duty, and Left 4 Dead. They tell us a little bit more about their company and talk about the art and science of creating multiplayer maps.

Note: This podcast is SPOILER FREE.