The 5.2 update to World of Warcraft introduces the Thunder King and his raid tier alongside a whole bunch of other stuff for Mists of Pandaria players to keep themselves busy with. Lead encounter designer Ian Hazzikostas joined the prestigious GI MMO podcast to tell us all about the juggernaut MMO's latest content patch.

Prodded by host Adam Biessener, Hazzikostas gives some insight into how raid encounters are designed, the point of the new Thunderforged mechanic, why Blizzard is pumping out more world bosses after avoiding them for years, and the long-awaited debut of green fire for Warlocks.

Please accept my apologies for some minor distortion on my own voice on this one, gracious listeners. I can only plead ignorance of the finer points of ProTools. To make it up to you, I'll post more episodes on a more regular basis. I promise. I'll retweet you making fun of me on Twitter if I don't make good on it, pinkie swear.

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