In this episode, we ponder the disaster that is Aliens: Colonial Marines and wonder where it all went wrong. We also gets some intel on a few upcoming Capcom games and talk about one of the most inventive puzzle games since Fez.

In the first segment, reviewer Jeff Cork and Tim Turi join host Matt Helgeson to discuss Gearbox's hugely disappointing Aliens: Colonial Marines. On the surface, it had it all: a great license and a developer that was passionate about making the game. Somewhere along the line, this game lost its way, and we try to sort through the rubble.

The second segment is more upbeat, and Tim and Jeff return to hear about some upcoming Capcom projects that Tim saw at a recent event in San Francisco. The discussion includes the HD console port of Resident Evil: Revelations, the intriguing new IP Remember Me, new Darkstalkers and Monster Hunter games, and some DLC for Devil May Cry.