In a more serious podcast, we discuss some of the new contenders in the console market, plus talk about the reignited debate over game violence.

In the first segment, host Matt Helgeson is joined by Matt Bertz and Andy Reiner to talk about a new host of non-traditional consoles, including Ouya, the GameStick, Nvidia's Project Shield, and the Piston Steam Box. It's an interesting time for the industry, and the gang has a lot to say about the prospects of these consoles.

In the second segment, Reiner sticks around and Jeff Cork comes in the booth to record a serious discussion about the renewed furor of violent games which has happened in the wake of the horrible events that transpired at Sandy Hook Elementary, as well as Joe Biden's upcoming task force meetings with the NRA and representatives from the game industry, motion pictures, and television. [Note: We recorded this podcast before we received word from the ESA that its CEO Michael Gallagher would be attending Biden's meetings].