The Game Informer Show discusses the last big games of the year, plus an intriguing indie release you need to know about.

In the first segment, host Matt Helgeson is joined by Matt Bertz, Dan Ryckert, and Andy Reiner to discuss Ubisoft's excellent open-world first-person shooter Far Cry 3. Matt Bertz reviewed the game, and has a lot to say about its strengths, which include a wide array of player choice, gripping storytelling, and a complex tropical ecosystem. Reiner and Dan also love the game, and we break down single-player, co-op, and multiplayer in a long segment.

Next up is something a bit different: the new indie release Little Inferno, which is out now for Wii U's eShop, PC, and Linux. Tomorrow Corporation has created a game that's simplicity belies a fairly complex narrative. It also features gameplay that's at once instantly accessible and surprisingly deep. It's definitely a game that will appeal to people who enjoyed titles like Braid, Journey, and The Unfinished Swan.