Listen in for everything you need to know about a dark new military shooter, new Skyrim DLC, BioWare's answer to the Mass Effect 3 ending controversy, and the final episode of Roseanne.

Matt Bertz, who reviewed Spec Ops: The Line for Game Informer, is up first. The game is trying to deliver a darker, more thoughtful look at war -- and largely succeeds. Next, Andy Reiner and Matt Miller talk about Dawnguard, the vampiric new DLC for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Finally, Joe Juba stops by to discuss the new endings for Mass Effect 3 that BioWare released this week. There's a variety of new content for fans that were unsatisfied with the original ending, and Joe feels that the new content does a good job of complementing the original game's finale.

Also, we talk about the last episode of Roseanne. It's really weird.