This week's Game Informer Show is brought to you by guest host Adam Biessener. Big surprise: Civilization V: Gods & Kings is a major topic of discussion, even if we lead the show with the highly anticipated platform/puzzle game Quantum Conundrum.

The Quantum Conundrum discussion, featuring GI reviewer Ben Reeves and general conundrum enthusiast Kyle Hilliard, comes packaged with the first GI show appearance of Ben's ghost friend Charles Groden (who knows; we're talking about Ben here). Next up, Adam pretty much gushes at Ben and Matt Bertz for a quarter-hour straight about the just-released Civilization V expansion and why he loves it so very much. Finally, Andy Reiner and Jeff Cork join for a segment on Lego Batman 2: DC Superheroes.

If anyone figures out anything about Charles' mysterious origins, please do leave a comment below.