While Nintendo has been hyping the 25th Anniversary of Zelda all year, it's been strangely quiet about another of its storied franchises, Metroid, reaching the quarter-century mark. That's not right. So, in celebration of one of the greatest game franchises all time, we decided to use this week's GI Show to talk about Metroid's history, influence, and our favorite games in the series. Joining host Matt Helgeson are Metroid fanatics Jeff Cork, Ben Reeves, Matt Miller, and Joe Juba. It's a wide-ranging discussion that touches on everything from our childhood memories of playing Metroid to the tragic fate of series creator Gunpei Yokoi. In the second segment, Jeff and Ben are back and joined by Phil Kollar, Bryan Vore, and Dan Ryckert. This represents five of the six (the other being Tim Turi, who is recovering on vacation this week) GI editors who broke Guinness World Records this weekend for marathon sessions of video game playing. Listen in and learn all about their twisted adventures.