If you like the hijinks of GI editor Dan Ryckert, this is the podcast for you! First up, Dan joins host Matt Helgeson, along with Bryan Vore, Annette Gonzalez, and Jeff "The Coolest Dude at Game Informer" Marchiafava for a discussion of Chair Entertainment's iPhone blockbuster Infinity Blade, Angry Birds, and a bunch of other great games for mobile platforms. Oh, and then the last ten minutes devolves into jokes about the game "Ow! My Balls". It's high-brow stuff, believe us. The second segment drives Dan into a legitimate rage (forcing him to use some words that don't usually appear on the show) as Matt and Phil Kollar join in on a discussion the Spike TV Video Game Awards. We break down all the world-premiere videos, the winners, the losers, and our less-than-stellar opinion of the show. Seriously, things get pretty raw. Anyway, this was some show.

Features music off the album Liasons by Pigeons, available on Soft Abuse records.