It's the Roman Numeral Special Edition of the Game Informer Show. That's right, we get down to business, talking about three mega-sequel, all of which opt for the ultra-classic old world styling of Roman Numerals. So classic. Anyway, we start of with a game that will likely make a lot of gamers' year-end list, Fable III. Jeff Cork and Matt Miller join host Matt Helgeson to discuss the things they love about this epic adventure, and some of the things they don't. In the wake of their bitter divorce in Fable III co-op, Jeff also talks bad about Reiner who, incidentally, is in our next segment talking about Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II with Joe Juba. Frankly, the guys are pretty disappointed in the game, and get all salty about it. We end on a positive note with Phil Kollar, who comes by to reminisce about BlizzCon with Matt and spills the beans about the new Diablo III information that was divulged at the show.

The show features music by STNNNG, off their new album The Smoke of My Will.