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  • Blog Post: Iron And Steel Zen Pinball Bundle Arrives This Week

    The Iron and Steel Pack, featuring two new original tables for Zen Pinball 2 and Zen Pinball FX 2, arrives this week on several platforms including handheld, mobile, and console. The Wild West Rampage table is Western-inspired, showcasing a large saloon, steam trains, and a bounty hunter named Cindy... More
  • Blog Post: Zen Studios Announces New Tables For Pinball FX 2 and Zen Pinball 2

    For its new Iron & Steel pinball pack, Zen Studios is delivering a western-themed table along with one based on the studio's action/strategy hybrid CastleStorm. The CastleStorm table brings back Ser Gareth from the original game as he fights through Chief Ramhorn's viking stronghold. The... More
  • Blog Post: Watch A Walking Dead Pinball Machine Come Together

    Stern Pinball is the oldest running pinball machine maker in the world, and it does most of its work out of a factory in Chicago, Illinois. Get a virtual tour of the company's headquarters and watch them construct a Walking Dead table before your very eyes. Now you never need to go to Chicago. The... More
  • Blog Post: Venom Strikes At Spidey In New Zen Studios Pinball Table

    Venom hates Spider-Man, but I think we can all get along in order to enjoy Zen Studio's latest pinball table based on the Marvel villain. The table uses the Eddie Brock version of the symbiote/host form, and features events with Carnage (where the symbiote merged with psychopath Cletus Kasady) and... More
  • Blog Post: Zen Pinball Butters Us Up This Week With Two Sweet South Park Pinball Tables

    Earlier this month, Zen Studios announced a collaboration with South Park Studios to bring two tables to its Zen Pinball platform. Today, we get our first look at silver salty balls. The first table, South Park Super Sweet Pinball is a fan service-filled experience that includes nods to a number of classic... More
  • Blog Post: Zen Studios Says ‘Howdy-Ho’ To South Park Pinball

    There isn’t much information yet, but Zen Studios has announced its latest collaboration. The studio says it will be rolling through the sleepy mountain town of South Park. Chances are there will be colorful language, biting political satire, and maybe Kenny dying. Or, just some really good pinball... More
  • Blog Post: It’s Now Legal To Play Pinball In Oakland, CA

    Some laws take far too long to die. Thanks to Pinball's gambling roots, it was outlaws in several places across the country, but the city council in Oakland, California finally made pinball players upright citizens once again. Last month, California officially lifted the ban on Pinball. Meanwhile... More
  • Blog Post: The Walking Dead Pinball Gets Release Date

    Zen Studios – the team behind the Zen Pinball series – is adapting Telltale's The Walking Dead to pinball, and you can get your hands on it very soon. The Walking Dead Pinball comes out for PlayStation 4/PlayStation 3/Vita on August 26, Mac/Steam/Xbox 360 on August 27, and Wii U/Android... More
  • Blog Post: Weekend Warrior 8/1/2014

    Well, folks, it's August 1, which means we're slowly nearing prime time video game season. We at the office are playing an eclectic mix of games in the meantime, and it seems some of us are also enjoying the great outdoors while the pleasant Minnesota weather lasts. Are you building a pillow... More
  • Blog Post: Deadpool Won’t Stop Talking About His New Zen Pinball Table

    The Merc with a Mouth is getting his own pinball table, and you can be sure he’s very excited to tell you all about it. Zen Studios and Marvel are teaming up once more to bring comics to the silver ball arena. Deadpool’s colorful companions (including the voices in his head) are present,... More
  • Blog Post: Star Wars Pinball Free For PlayStation Plus Users Tomorrow

    PlayStation Plus subscribers have a lot to look forward to when the store updates tomorrow, August 20. Zen Pinball 2: Star Wars Pinball for PlayStation 3 and Vita, which is typically $9.99, will be free to download. The game features pinball tables from the original trilogy as well as the animated show... More
  • Blog Post: Here Are August's Free PlayStation Plus Instant Collection Games

    As summer winds down, PlayStation Plus is heating up with four new free titles for PlayStation 3 and two for Vita. Things kick off with Hitman: Absolution tomorrow. The rest of August brings an assortment of titles in a variety of genres. In addition to IO Interactive's latest installment of Agent... More
  • Blog Post: Marvel Civil War Coming To Pinball FX 2

    A new table is coming to Pinball FX 2 based on the 2006 Marvel Civil War comic book series. Players will be able to choose between siding with Iron Man or Captain America, and your choice will dictate elements of the board, like which heroes make cameos in your game. Picking Captain America will make... More
  • Blog Post: Zen Pinball Tilts The 3DS Next Week

    The greatest pinball game in history is coming to the Nintendo 3DS eShop next week, complete with new 3D visuals and some classic tables. Zen Pinball (also known as Pinball FX 2 on Xbox Live) is one of the great examples of a small studio thriving in the new world of digital distribution. By continuing... More
  • Blog Post: Zen Studios Unveils Planet Minigolf For PSN

    If Zen Studios has made one thing clear, it’s that they excel in the art of ball physics. The leader in pinball video games announced today that they are translating their knowledge of small metal balls to larger white ones with the debut of Planet Minigolf for PSN. “After successfully launching... More
  • Blog Post: Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 Infiltrates Zen Pinball

    Sadly, the days of Alien Crush, Full Tilt and Pinball Fantasies are behind us. The truth is, Pinball games don’t get the respect they deserve anymore. Especially popular in the 90s, the decline of pinball emulators corresponded with the downturn of the coin-op industry. Why? Perhaps pinball isn’t... More
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