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  • Blog Post: Zelda II: The Adventure Of Link Now Available On Wii U Virtual Console

    The only Zelda game that isn't a legend, Zelda II: The Adventure of Link, is now available on the Wii U Virtual Console. The game is $4.99 to download, unless you own the Wii Virtual Console version of the game, in which case it will cost you a dollar to upgrade. As is the case with all Wii U Virtual... More
  • Blog Post: Zelda II Gets Reimagined As An FPS

    Zelda II: The Adventure of Link for the NES has always been the black sheep of the Zelda family. With it’s sidescrolling action it doesn’t look like any of the other Zelda games. But we guarantee you’ve never seen Zelda like this. One incredibly crafty gamer by the name of Michael Johnston... More
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