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  • Blog Post: Sakamoto To 2D Metroid Fans: Other M Is Your Game

    Legendary Nintendo developer Yoshio Sakamoto has a long history of working on the side-scrolling incarnations of the Metroid series, so when we sat down to talk with him at this year’s E3, we couldn’t help but ask if he thinks the series will ever return to its roots. Here’s what Mr... More
  • Blog Post: Metroid Co-Creator Calls Transition To 3D A Necessary Change

    Nintendo's veteran designer Yoshio Sakamoto not only helped create the NES classic Metroid, but he also oversaw every 2D incarnation of the critically acclaimed series until the franchise went 3D in 2002. So when we sat down with him this week to discuss his newest project, Metroid: Other M, we couldn't... More
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