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  • Blog Post: Dreadnought Goes Big With Huge Ships

    Grey Box and YAGER are bringing a new space combat title to PC - Dreadnought. The game’s focus is on massive ships instead of the smaller ones you often see in flight and space dogfighting sims. I had a chance to get some hands-on time with the title at E3 2014 and take a look at the team deathmatch... More
  • Blog Post: Spec Ops: The Line Developer Working On Next-Gen Title

    Berlin-based Yager, creators of Spec Ops: The Line (shown) has licensed Epic's Unreal Engine 4 for use in an unannounced next-gen title. Yager said in a press release that the title will be a major triple-A game that it expects to unveil in the coming months. In the opinion of Timo Ullmann, Yager's... More
  • Blog Post: Spec Ops: The Line Co-op Multiplayer Out Now

    The free cooperative multiplayer game mode for Spec Ops: The Line is now available to download, 2K Games announced. The new mode features four objective-based cooperative multiplayer scenarios, each with their own objectives environments, and playable characters. You must own a copy of the game to play... More
  • Blog Post: Spec Ops: The Line Launch Trailer Maintains A Gritty Tone

    Spec Ops: The Line comes out tomorrow, which is great timing for this launch trailer. Fans of crescendos, shooters, and giant floating quotes aren't going to want to miss this one. The game aims to provide an unflinching account of war, as chaos erupts in a post-sandstorm Dubai. Take a look at the... More
  • Blog Post: Spec Ops: The Line Trailer Involves Guns And Sand

    Desert warfare has been raging on throughout the annals of history. Stamina-draining treks across sand dunes and inhospitable, sun-baked environments have been the theater for gritty combat for thousands of years, However, not until 2K Games' Spec Ops: The Line has such an important geographical... More
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