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  • Blog Post: Reader Discussion: Are You Picking Up Pokémon X Or Y?

    The real question is, are you picking up Pokémon at all, but pending a positive response to that question, which one? I went with Y when I had the choice, simply because I liked the Y version of Mewtwo better . It was a pretty shallow decision, and I am curious if yours will be more in-depth.... More
  • Blog Post: New Mewtwo-Like Pokémon Revealed For X And Y

    The official Pokémon X and Y website has been updated with a new Pokémon that is "strangely familiar". The official description for this Mewtwo-alike reads, "It looks a lot like the powerful Legendary Pokémon Mewtwo, but not quite the same…" Below its image... More
  • Blog Post: X And Y's Legendary Pokémon Now Have Names

    After yesterday's announcement and trailer for Pokémon X and Y, Nintendo has followed up with a little bit more information. The legendary Pokémon featured in the trailer now have names. The one above that looks like a giant Y is called Yveltal (pronounced ee-VELL-tall), and the one... More
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