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  • Blog Post: Not Sure What To Play On International Tabletop Day? Let Us Help

    In light of International Tabletop Day, we've rounded up our coverage of the best tabletop games for you to peruse. We've seen fantastic concepts come to life, including this Dark Souls board game that hit $1 million on Kickstarter in just 24 hours. Others include Depths of Durangrar, a board... More
  • Blog Post: Creator of Original X-COM Announces New Strategy Game Phoenix Point

    Julian Gollop, the mind behind the original X-COM series, has announced the title of his next project. Phoenix Point will be a strategy game featuring what Gollop calls “world based strategy.” Gollop announced Phoenix Point on Twitter early this morning , with a link to the game’s official... More
  • Blog Post: Watch Us Play Two Hours Of XCOM 2 Before Release

    Update: The stream has concluded, but you can check out the archived version here: Original Story: Anything can happening while playing XCOM 2, and we're not going to cut ourselves any slack. Will we survive this alien infestation, or will we get crushed by their enormous three-toed boot? XCOM 2... More
  • Blog Post: The Creators Of XCOM's The Long War Mod Are Making A New Game

    The Long War is easily the most famous modification for XCOM: Enemy Unknown and might be one of the most popular modifications ever made. The creators of that mod have founded their own studio, Long War Studios, and are working on something new. The game they're making, Terra Invicta , sounds a good... More
  • Blog Post: X-COM: Enemy Unknown ESRB Rating Points To Vita Release

    2012's X-COM: Enemy Unknown saw release on platforms both mobile and home-based, but it never made it to the Vita. It looks that may be changing. A rating on the ESRB website lists a Vita version of the game and an updated title – X-COM: Enemy Unknown Plus. Outside of those details, not much... More
  • Blog Post: PSA: 2K Games Holding Independence Day Sale For iOS And Android

    Some of the biggest games in 2K Games' mobile library are now on sale for iOS and Android as the publisher celebrates Independence Day. Whether you're a fan of sports games or strategy, there's likely something for you here. XCOM: Enemy Within leads the charge, but it's not the only major... More
  • Blog Post: XCOM Expansion Enemy Within Heading To Mobile

    The XCOM: Enemy Unknown expansion, Enemy Within, is coming to iOS, Android, and Amazon Fire mobile devices very soon. The game will be $12.99 and will be available tonight at midnight, 12 PM ET. The game will be compatible with iPad 3, iPad mini 2, iPhone 5 and up, and unfortunately, won’t be compatible... More
  • Blog Post: Listen To Sid Meier Talk For An Hour

    Firaxis Games' Jake Solomon sits down for a long conversation with legendary developer Sid Meier. The subjects span a wide range, from finding inspiration to approaching development. The talk happened at the first Firaxicon – the official Firaxis Games convention. See the whole thing for yourself... More
  • Blog Post: Humble 2K Bundle Adds Collection Of Classic XCOM Games

    The Humble 2K Bundle, which offers a collection of 2K games at a significant discount, has added five classic XCOM games to sweeten the deal. The bundle currently includes BioShock, The Bureau: XCOM Declassified, and The Darkness II, which can be purchased for any price. You can also pay more than the... More
  • Blog Post: XCOM Creator’s Chaos Reborn Kickstarter Surpasses Goal

    Launched early last month , XCOM creator Julian Gollop’s Kickstarter project Chaos Reborn, has met and surpassed its goal. Chaos Reborn is a sequel of sorts to Gollop's classic ZX Spectrum game Chaos: The Battle of Wizards, which you can read about here . With 6 hours left in its campaign as... More
  • Blog Post: XCOM Creator’s Chaos Reborn Kickstarter Underway

    Last month we learned about Julian Gollop’s Kickstarter project, Chaos Reborn , set to release in spring 2015. The title is a reboot of the X-COM: UFO Defense creator’s ZX Spectrum game Chaos: The Battle of Wizards. Today marks the first official day of the Kickstarter campaign. The Chaos... More
  • Blog Post: [Update] Civilization V Complete Edition Out Today, XCOM Complete Coming In March

    Both Civilization V and XCOM have had some expansions and DLC release since their initial releases, and now it appears that 2K Games is collecting them together to produce PC-exclusive definitive editions of both titles. According to Take-Two's 3rd Quarter financial release, the two titles from Firaxis... More
  • Blog Post: Download Alternative XCOM: Enemy Within Box Art In Honor Of Opposite Day

    Firaxis and 2K games are celebrating opposite day today by offering alternative cover art for the recently released XCOM: Enemy Within. The original art (seen below) features aliens on the cover, while the new downloadable and printable art (see above) puts the humans on the cover. You can head here... More
  • Blog Post: Weekend Warrior 10/11/13

    This weekend, some GI editors are taking a break from GTA V with new releases like Pokémon X & Y, Beyond: Two Souls, and The Wolf Among Us. But mostly everyone is, you know, playing GTA V. Kimberley Wallace: My mission is to finish Beyond: Two Souls this weekend. I liked what I played of a... More
  • Blog Post: XCOM Enemy Within Listing Appears Online

    Listings for something called XCOM Enemy Within have appeared on Korean ratings boards , as well as the Steam database. The mysterious listings were spotted by CVG , and outside of the name, there is no evidence or indication hinting at what Enemy Within could be. The Bureau: XCOM Declassified is coming... More
  • Blog Post: "Ultimate Game Sale" On Xbox Live Next Week

    If you want to stock up on some great games for the summer, Microsoft might have a good reason for you to wait just a little bit longer. Announced on Major Nelson's blog, the "Ultimate Game Sale" begins next week on Xbox Live. We don't know how long each game will be on sale or what... More
  • Blog Post: XCOM And Agricola Star In This Week’s Mobile Roundup

    In this week’s mobile roundup feature we’ve got another top-notch digital board game, a portable version of XCOM: Enemy Unknown, and classic Mickey Mouse. Enjoy. XCOM: Enemy Unknown Developer: Firaxis Games Platforms: iOS Price: $19.99 XCOM: Enemy Unknown is an all-around excellent tactical... More
  • Blog Post: Keep An Eye On The Sky For XCOM Shooter News

    Maybe we'll get to stop calling it " XCOM Shooter " soon, as 2K Games is prepared to re-reveal the action-oriented alien blasting title. This morning on the official blog, a statement was posted promising "a new experience within the world of XCOM." This follows the scrubbing... More
  • Blog Post: Classified XCOM Evidence Comes Our Way

    Nobody knows what's going to happen to 2K Games' originally announced XCOM title (back in 2010), but if this stash of classified info is any indication, we may find out soon. There has been buzz recently that 2K's XCOM (which started out as a first-person shooter take on the series) was going... More
  • Blog Post: Rumor: Viral Video May Be Teasing The XCOM Shooter

    A video playing off the recent Russian meteor crash may be teasing the XCOM first-person shooter that recently and inexplicably disappeared form the Internet . Shack News did some research on the video, discovering that the source code page reveals the keyword 'whathappenedin62', which is a domain... More
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