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  • Blog Post: Snoop Dogg Is Really Mad About His Limited Xbox Live Connectivity

    Snoop Dogg, known predominantly for the 2013 rhythm fighting game Way of the Dogg (and rap), recently took to Instagram to air his grievances about Xbox Live. The video , posted this morning, showcases an angry Mr. Dogg as he laments over his Xbox Live problems, threatening to switch to PlayStation 4... More
  • Blog Post: Microsoft Crows About Black Friday Successes

    Last week's Black Friday sales were a success for Microsoft, according to the company. Xbox One and Windows 10 users spent significant chunks of time playing games on the platforms, in addition to opening their wallets. Here are some of the highlights, according to Microsoft: Players spent 325 million... More
  • Blog Post: [Update] PSA: Xbox Live Up & Running

    Update: The Microsoft Xbox Live status page has given the "Up and Running" thumbs up to most of the service. Apps like Netflix and YouTube are still listed as "limited," however. Original Story: According to Microsoft's support page, Xbox Live is experiencing some problems affecting... More
  • Blog Post: Goat Simulator Hits Xbox One

    Major Nelson has revealed the cult hit will be released for Xbox One tomorrow. Goat Simulator became an unlikely hit, largely due to YouTube videos of the game going viral on the Internet. Tomorrow, April 17, it will have a new console to create a ruckus on when it is released for Xbox One. The game... More
  • Blog Post: Microsoft's Xbox Live Service Alert Continues

    As of this morning, Microsoft continues to warn Xbox Live users on Xbox One, Xbox 360, and other Xbox devices that purchase and content usage is limited. According to the Xbox Live Status page, users may be having trouble downloading/watching TV seasons that they've already purchased from Xbox Video... More
  • Blog Post: April’s Games With Gold Features Two From 2012

    As we bid a tearful Games with Gold goodbye to Dungeon Defenders on this last day of March, Microsoft has announced the two titles that will be stepping up in April. The good news is that both are more recent releases than we’ve seen in past months. Starting tomorrow, you’ll be able to download... More
  • Blog Post: [Update] Xbox Live Service Page Reporting Problems With Various Services

    Update #2: Microsoft has provided additional comment on the relationship between service issues and the release of Titanfall. “Microsoft is investigating an issue that may interrupt customer access to some Microsoft online services," a representative told us via email. "This is unrelated... More
  • Blog Post: Microsoft Offers Guided Video Tour Of The New Xbox One Update

    Microsoft has shared details on its March Xbox One update in text form, which is currently rolling out , but now it has released a video showcasing the new upgrades. You can check out the video below with host Larry "Major Nelson" Hyrb as he runs down the majority of the updates in store for... More
  • Blog Post: Microsoft Rolls Out And Details Xbox One March Update

    The new update for Xbox One is beginning to roll out to users tonight, and it improves online party and matchmaking, among a number of other improvements. You can see the full list of updates on page two below, or on Microsoft's Xbox Wire page . Friends lists will now be easier to access, party chat... More
  • Blog Post: Only A Sliver Of Monaco's 500,000 Sales Were From Xbox Live

    Although the game got off to a rocky start, Andy Schatz's excellent Monaco has passed the half-a-million mark in sales. However, the game's Xbox Live Arcade numbers remain very poor. Much of Monaco's success can be attributed to its inclusion in a recent Humble Bundle. Prior to that, the... More
  • Blog Post: Skullgirls Encore Returns To PlayStation Network Soon, Xbox Live Later

    Good news, Skullgirls fans. Lab Zero Games is getting ready to return the Konami-free version update next week on PlayStation Network in North America. Previous buyers will have access at no additional charge. The title is due to return to PlayStation 3’s PSN on February 11. Skullgirls Encore will... More
  • Blog Post: Microsoft Interested In Bringing Something Like 1 Vs. 100 To Xbox One

    Don't expect the original game to return, but the long-abandoned online multiplayer gameshow is still on Microsoft's mind. Speaking with Polygon , Microsoft's general manager for lifestyle entertainment Dave McCarthy said the game is remembered fondly by those at Microsoft. "The approach... More
  • Blog Post: Capy Games Bringing Super Time Force To ID@Xbox

    We already knew that Capy games was bringing Below to Microsoft's indie self-publishing service, now its announced a second title. The game, a very challenging side-scrolling platformer/shooter, will be released and self-published to Xbox One - but will also be released for Xbox 360 via Xbox Live... More
  • Blog Post: My Little Pony Items Added To Xbox Avatar Live Store

    Fans of My Little Pony can finally proclaim their appreciation for the show on Xbox Live. Today, Microsoft added a number of My Little Pony avatar items to the Avatar Store including shirts, hoodies, and a Rainbow Dash pet. The items fall in line with the typical pricing of clothing and pets on Xbox... More
  • Blog Post: Minecraft On Xbox 360 Passes 7 Million In Sales

    It has become so commonplace now, that it almost doesn't seem newsworthy – Minecraft selling an absurd amount of copies. It's insane how prolific this game continues to be. Minecraft on Xbox 360 has officially passed the 7 million in sales mark, according to developer 4J Studios' official... More
  • Blog Post: Xbox 360 Arcade Patch Fees Eliminated In April 2013

    Earlier today, rumors were swirling that Microsoft had eliminated patch fees on the Xbox 360. A tweet from Xbox chief product officer Marc Whitten confirms that some titles are now exempt from additional update costs. @Polygon : FYI Microsoft eliminated fees for Title Updates on Xbox 360 Arcade games... More
  • Blog Post: Report: Microsoft Addresses Xbox One's Regional Restrictions

    The Xbox One will be region locked, only allowing it to play games bought from the country of origin where the console was purchased. It's not surprising, but it's nice to get some kind of confirmation from Microsoft. A representative from Microsoft shared the details of Xbox One's regional... More
  • Blog Post: Zen Studios' CastleStorm Gets Release Date

    Zen Studios' physics-based castle battler CastleStorm hits XBLA first, and the siege begins later this month. The game comes out on May 29 for 800 Microsoft Points. Other editions are currently planned for the PS3, Wii U, PC, and Vita, although no official release dates have been announced yet. CastleStorm... More
  • Blog Post: Report: Microsoft To End Use Of Microsoft Points On Xbox Live

    A new report says that an upcoming dashboard update of Xbox Live will bring about a number of changes to the service - and discontinue the use of Microsoft Points as retail currency on the network. The news comes by way of the tech site The Verge . According to Verge: "Microsoft will also phase... More
  • Blog Post: Xbox 360's Retail Version Of Minecraft Delayed

    Minecraft is already available on the Xbox 360 through the Xbox LIve Arcade. A retail version of the game was supposed to release on April 30, but it has been pushed back to June. According to Microsoft's Major Nelson, the game has been delayed until June 4 in the interest of including, "the... More
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