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  • Blog Post: December Xbox Live Games With Gold Includes An Extra Game

    December’s Xbox Live Games with Gold offerings include an extra game. ’Tis the season for giving, after all. The new titles start rotating in on Tuesday, December 1. Here’s what you can look forward to and when on Xbox One and Xbox 360. Xbox One The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing... More
  • Blog Post: Last Day To Grab Dirt 3 With Xbox Live Games With Gold, New Games Added Tomorrow

    Today marks the middle of November which means new Xbox Live Games with Gold titles changeover tomorrow. On Xbox One, you can grab Pneuma: Breath of Life, a first-person adventure puzzle game, throughout the entire month, so no rush on that one if you haven't grabbed it already. Starting tomorrow... More
  • Blog Post: Microsoft Announces First 104 Xbox 360 Backward Compatible Games

    If Fallout 4, Rise of the Tomb Raider, or Starcraft II: Legacy of the Void aren't what you're looking for this week, perhaps a trip to your back catalog is. Microsoft has announced the first slate of Xbox 360 titles that will be backward compatible on Xbox One. The list includes a healthy rundown... More
  • Blog Post: PSA: Today Is Your Last Day For October Games With Gold

    In addition to Halloween, today is the final day of October. Xbox Live members know what that means. Be sure to grab your September games before they’re gone. Rotating off the service after today are Valiant Hearts: The Great War on Xbox One and The Walking Dead: Season One on Xbox 360. Be sure... More
  • Blog Post: November’s Xbox Live Games With Gold Announced

    You’ve still got a few days to pick up your October Xbox Live Games with Gold. But come Sunday, it’s time for a new batch to rotate in. On Xbox One, you can grab Pneuma: Breath of Life, a first-person adventure puzzle game, throughout the entire month. Starting on November 16, you can grab... More
  • Blog Post: No Season Pass For Last-Gen Versions Of Call Of Duty: Black Ops III

    Call of Duty fans who love paying up front for all of Activision's DLC are out of luck if they're planning to play on PS3 or 360. Activision confirmed today that it will not be offering a season pass for Call of Duty: Black Ops III on last-generation consoles. Activision has previously announced... More
  • Blog Post: [Update] Microsoft Will Focus Primarily On Xbox Live Usership, Not Console Shipments

    Update: Microsoft will not be using console shipments as its primary metric for success beginning with this quarter, we have been told. The company is more focused on engagement, leading it to choose Xbox Live usership as its leading statistic. While that doesn't mean we won't hear about console... More
  • Blog Post: Plaster Your Black Ops III Guns With Hamburger Toppings From Two Fast Food Joints

    One of the biggest additions to the multiplayer of Black Ops III is the new Gunsmith mode that allows you to customize your weapons like never before. Hardee's and Carl's Jr., two affiliated fast food chains, are giving you more options through their new Call of Duty: Black Ops III instant win... More
  • Blog Post: Reader Discussion: Are You Picking Up Guitar Hero Live?

    Guitar Hero Live launches tomorrow and delivers several innovations to not only the franchise, but to the genre as a whole. With Rock Band 4 going the more traditional route in terms of gameplay and feature-set , Guitar Hero Live is viewed by many as the more ambitious release. Is that enough for you... More
  • Blog Post: Minecraft Mashup Gets Free Halo 5 Update This Friday

    With Halo 5: Guardians right around the corner, Microsoft hasn’t forgotten about one bit of fan service. Back in May 2014 (before it was owned by Microsoft), Mojang and 4J released a mashup pack bringing together Minecraft and Halo. Later this week, that inexpensive DLC is getting a free update... More
  • Blog Post: PSA: Xbox 360 Multiplayer Is Free For Everyone This Weekend

    If you’ve been itching for a Halo or Call of Duty match on Xbox 360, but your Xbox Live Gold has expired, you’re in luck. Microsoft is opening multiplayer up to everyone this weekend. Beginning today, October 9, you’ll be able to jump online in any game that supports multiplayer without... More
  • Blog Post: Treyarch Explains How It Incorporated Player Feedback From The Black Ops III Beta

    When a beta test occurs, many players like to use it as an early sneak peek of a game that will be releasing in the coming months. For developers, however, alpha and beta tests serve a very real purpose in helping them to fine-tune the experience and gather feedback from some of the most passionate fans... More
  • Blog Post: Disney Infinity 3.0 Marvel Battlegrounds Play Set Detailed, New Captain America Figure Unveiled

    Four-player brawler co-op comes to Disney Infinity 3.0 in March, and Captain America loses his helmet for a new figure. The Play Set, titled Marvel Battlegrounds, uses any and all of the Marvel figures for Disney Infinity and features a new original story. It's the first Play Set to feature four0player... More
  • Blog Post: Microsoft Pulls Black Ops III Digital Pre-Orders, Promises To Bring Them Back Soon

    Black Ops III fans were thrown for a loop when the option to pre-order the game mysteriously vanished from the Xbox Store, but there's no need to panic quite yet. ICXM reported the sudden disappearance, which has left the official Xbox page for the game prompting interested players to visit their... More
  • Blog Post: Rise Of The Tomb Raider Microtransactions Confirmed

    Microsoft's post detailing Rise Of The Tomb Raider's season pass also includes confirmation of in-app transactions. Late last month we brought you a new hands-on preview of Lara Croft's latest adventure, the Xbox One timed-exclusive Rise Of The Tomb Raider. Our news editor Mike Futter walked... More
  • Blog Post: PSA: Today Is Your Last Day For September Xbox Games With Gold

    It’s hard to believe, but tomorrow is the first day of October. That means a new slate of Xbox Games with Gold titles. Be sure to download your games (or at least lock in your licenses) for September’s titles. Rotating out after today are The Deer God for Xbox One and Crysis 3 for Xbox 360... More
  • Blog Post: Activision Says Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 5 Disc Contains Core Game, Patch Needed For Server Support

    Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 5 released today and with it came a large, 7.7GB patch, leading many to speculate that the disc version might not contain the full game. Activision says that's not the case. We reached out to Activision to inquire about the large patch and find more about its contents.... More
  • Blog Post: See Halo's Enemies, Vehicles, And Master Chief All Drawn To Scale

    Artist Andrew McGee, who brought us every colossus from Shadow of the Colossus drawn to scale , as well as a similar piece comparing Half-Life 2's assorted monsters, vehicles, and humans , has release a new piece focused on all things Halo. The sizes aren't quite as perfect as McGee's last... More
  • Blog Post: Call Of Duty: Black Ops III Dumps Campaign On Xbox 360 And PS3

    If you’re a Call of Duty fan that hasn’t made the jump to Xbox One or PlayStation 4 yet, Black Ops III will be missing something major for you in November. Activision has announced that the campaign that continues the Black Ops story hasn’t made the cut. The Call of Duty franchise has... More
  • Blog Post: October Games With Gold Features Telltale And War Stories

    October isn’t far away (as the omnipresence of pumpkin spice already alerted you). That means we’re looking at a new round of Xbox Live Games with Gold. On Xbox One, you can nab Valiant Hearts: The Great War throughout October. Starting on October 16 (and running through mid-November), you’ll... More
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